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Healthy baking swaps

Ready, set, go!
Ready, set, go!

It’s January. It’s time to start that detox, cleanse or new health regime resolution right? Right now it is hard to find a parking spot at the local gym, but most people will start to fall off the wagon in a few weeks and those parking spots will open up. And while the fitness resolution may not stick, here are some great healthy baking swaps you can use all year round to help keep your baking delicious and lower in fat, sugar and carbs.

To cut carbs out of your baking: Swap in a cup of pureed white beans for each cup of flour you would like to replace in your recipe. The beans will add fibre, reduce carbs and lower the calorie count of your recipe.

Reduce fat: Replace half the butter called for in your recipe with applesauce, pureed prunes or fat free Greek yogurt. The yogurt adds protein without the fat and makes your baking nice and moist. If you have a fussy recipe, you might want to play with the ratio of butter and substitute to maintain the original flavour and texture.

Reduce sugar: For muffins, cakes and moist cookies, substitute agave syrup in your recipe. The ratio is ¼ cup agave syrup for every cup of sugar called for. You will also need to reduce the liquid in the recipe by 2 Tablespoons for every ¼ cup of agave added otherwise your moisture level will be too high.

You can also use Stevia in place of sugar. There are a lot of different brands of Stevia so check with their sugar to Stevia ratio before baking. Wholesome Sweeteners Stevia is 200 times sweeter than sugar so you would want to use 4 tablespoons for every cup of sugar called for in your recipe. This is just a guideline and you may need to adjust according to taste.

Whatever your health goals are this year, these substitutes will keep your diet delicious while helping you reach your goals.