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Healthy and fit Valentine's Day activities for kids

Kids activities
Kids activities
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For the majority of kids, Valentine's Day activities means classroom parties, eating candy and sweets, and passing out Valentine's cards to friends.

This is all great fun for kids but there are also healthy ways to celebrate Valentine's Day that can be just as fun. You can take a new approach to Valentine's activities for kids and it starts with the main focus being heart health.

Valentine's Day is a great time to teach kids what it means to strive for a healthy heart and body. Teaching kids healthy habits needs to be done in a fun and exciting manner and healthy techniques can be accomplished by incorporating fun Valentine's Day activities for kids.

Fruit flower snack

This healthy Valentine's Day snack is great to make at a classroom party or at home. Cut up fruit in slices or sections; examples of great fruit choices are: kiwi, strawberries, apples, peaches, blueberries, oranges. Using kabob sticks or straws depending on the age of child, kids can make flower looking fruit snacks by assembling the fruit on the kabob stick or straw. Kiwi is great to represent leaves, blueberries are great for representing buds and the remainder of the fruits are excellent choices for representing petals.

Jump rope endurance

Jumping roping is a great way to get the heart pumping and it is also an excellent activity for kids that can be done solo or in a group. Counting to see how many jumps can be successfully completed is a really fun game for kids; kids can compete against themselves or in competition with others. Jump roping is also a really healthy activity for the heart and body that does not need a tremendous amount of space and can be done indoors or outdoors.

Bagels with strawberry cream cheese

Bagels with strawberry cream cheese are a really fun and healthy Valentine's Day snack to serve to kids. Again this healthy snack is perfect for classroom parties or to eat at home; teaching kids that delicious and fun snacks do not always have to be sugar filled treats is a really important concept for a healthy heart and body. I have found from my experience as a mom that my kids love the strawberry cream cheese and my kids think that the color pink in cream cheese is pretty awesome.

Hula hoop endurance

Hula hooping is also an excellent Valentine's Day activity for kids to get the heart pumping harder. As a classroom teacher, I would take my students outside or in the gym and have contests to see who could hula hoop the longest. The kids absolutely loved it and laughed the entire time we were using the hula hoops. I would usually have the hula hooping contest shortly before our Valentine's Day classroom party. Hula hooping helped to relieve some of the excitement and anticipation of the Valentine's Day classroom party and it was also during this time that the parents got the classroom ready for the party without being interrupted by the kids.

Happy notes

This is a fun Valentine's Day activity for kids that I did almost every year with my classroom students. I would give each student a construction paper heart and tell them to write a sentence to one person who they choose and thank that person for something he or she has done. The kids could also draw a picture along with the sentence if they prefer. Each child could then give the happy note to the person on Valentine's Day. Although this is not a physical activity, I would explain to my students that feeling good inside, being happy and having good emotions are all part of a healthy body and healthy heart.

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