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The Problem: The Internet is full of great videos on health policy, but finding them amongst a sea of cable news clips and television soundbites is a chore. HealthPolicyTV curates the web’s best videos, so that you can spend less time hunting for things to watch, and more time watching them.

The Solution: HealthPolicyTV hand-picks the most interesting and most important videos from leading researchers, practitioners, analysts, and advocates, and brings them together in one place for you to enjoy. They select long-form videos that present real research and new ideas, and that examine serious topics in depth.

How they will use the money: Specifically, they are raising funds to finish building out the website, to optimize it for performance and for the search engines, and to spread the word to as many people as possible. The more user feedback we get in the form of the individual video ratings.

Perks include memberships.

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