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Healthiest macaroni n cheese


Make it healthy.

Make your favorite childhood meal, without the box, additives, and cholesterol. This vegan recipe is as easy as the box alternative and can be altered to fit any taste.

The key is nutritional yeast, a complete protein with B12 and a definitely cheesy flavor. This wonderful ingredient added to any pasta with a dash of milk and butter substitute is all that’s needed to get started.

Nutritional yeast*
Milk substitute*
Butter substitute* (earth balance is a favorite)
Chili powder
Spicy mustard
Seitan sausages (or favorite hot dog substitute)
Curry Powder
Salt and Pepper

Once you have cooked your favorite pasta simply have fun adding whatever your favorite spices are. The only necessary ingredients are those starred, add them in any amount to make the consistency you want. The list above is purely suggestion. Peas and a favorite sausage or hot dog substitute are awesome for some extra kick in this dish.


  • booklady 5 years ago

    I always enjoy reading your recipes. Keep them coming!

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