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Healthier with universal heath care?

For most European countries with universal health care the national health care debate in the U.S. is difficult to understand. Nobody in those countries would give up their universal health care plans voluntarily. European health care coverage does not only include government run plans, but range from social, to partially private insurance options, and to employer funded programs. The spectrum is far wider then generally discussed in US media. It is unquestionable that the universal health care plan can work. Even the small state of Vermont has attempted to at least cover all uninsured children with its Dr Dynasaur program.

WASHINGTON, DC - OCT 22, 2009: Health-care reform advocates march in the streets.
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However the political and economical reasons for delaying or denying universal health care in the US might be, there is another motive why a single payer program could be crucial for this nation. A Harvard study from September 2009 revealed that nearly 45,000 Americans die each year because they have no health insurance. This number even exceeds deaths from kidney disease. Some of the reasons for these shocking results are that patients are discharged from hospitals too early due to health insurance demands, or lack of health insurance coverage. One recently released book “The Spirit Level: Why more equal societies almost always do better”, confirms with statistical research, that universal health care plans do contribute to a healthier society.

Activists for a universal model in the U.S. demand to change the proposed health care reform towards a single payer option. Obviously there is a demand for this option; otherwise Vermont’s program to cover uninsured and under-insured, would not have been as successful as it is. It is still not too late to demand from your representatives a real change, a change that could lead the way towards a healthier future for you and your children. More information on what you can do, can be found under this website:

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