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Healthier Super Bowl snacks

If you’re gearing up for the Super Bowl but want to offer some healthier snacks for that part of the gang who turn their noses up at Buffalo wings and booze, here are a few ideas your health-conscious counterparts may enjoy.

In lieu of the usual deep-fried chips and artery-clogging dips, try raw chips and homemade raw salsa, smoky southwestern hummus, guacamole, or creamy tapenade as dips. Raw kale chips are the new rage, and you can either make your own or get Brad’s raw kale chips in several varieties from Kroger’s. The nacho variety of Brad’s leafy kale should appeal to any fan who likes the flavor of regular nacho chips, and the other varieties are also delicious. Or you can make your own kale chips at home more economically in a dehydrator, although they won't be quite as tasty. Figure at least one box or bag per person. New research showing that nuts are a super health food make mixed nuts another great healthy option for snacking. Try the Sunnyland Farms mixed nuts; several types are available. For a healthy sweet snack, try carrot apple date bites.

When it comes to beverages, some people try to avoid sodas and alcoholic beverages, so you can offer them Mamma Chia-a light, fruity juice with chia seeds in it. This is a pricy drink at around $4.50 per single-serving bottle, but it’s currently all the rage, and Kroger’s can barely keep it on the shelves, so I think your healthy friends will like it. You could, however, make your own Mamma Chia, a little cheaper. Or, for a less expensive option offer fresh fruit smoothies that you make at home. Just toss some frozen fruit, some almond milk or water, a natural sweetener like stevia or agave nectar, and a little protein powder into your Vitamix and liquefy to a malt-like consistency. Adding a frozen banana and a ripe avocado (without the peel and the pit) will make it even creamier. Here's my favorite strawberry smoothie recipe.

Healthy options are becoming part of our mainstream culture, so finding healthy foods and drinks that we and/or our friends will enjoy may soon be an ongoing trend in American society.

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