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Healthful harvest preparation

Find some fun uses for those tomatoes
Find some fun uses for those tomatoes
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Starting one's own garden is an excellent avenue to healthy eating and weight loss. The act of gardening provides beneficial exercise while growing foods for a healthy diet. With grocery prices skyrocketing, many are turning to the backyard garden for a range of reasons. Learn healthful ways to prepare the organic harvest from these popular professionals.

Healthy Eating Tips From Martha Stewart

From the Martha Stewart Blog to her helpful garden guides, Stewart takes the reader on virtual tours and provides numerous tips on healthy cooking and concerns of wellness. From planning the garden to preparing the healthy harvest, Stewarts's sites and magazines offer answers to commonly asked questions.

Stewart's TV shows and featured appearances provide healthy hints for holiday meals, home and table decoration, while her garden tips benefit both the novice and experienced home gardener.

Nutritious Meals in 30 Minutes

Rachael Ray calculates the costs of growing ones own healthy harvest on her website and estimates the money saved while growing and eating healthy, home-grown foods. For those looking to eat organically, growing a garden may truly be the only way to know what goes in and around the produce your family eats.

Ray's 30 minute meal ideas can be a lifesaver when you're just home from work with a house full of hungry kids. Selections for 30 minute meals are often economical and filled with nutrition from your own healthy harvest.

Health & Wellness on a Budget

Twinas Latinas blogger Cheri Majors, M.S. offers money saving tips on feeding the family from the healthy harvest. Her cookbook ABC's of Nutritious Cooking & Living a Healthier Lifestyle; A Back to Basics Survival Guide for Your Family is available in paperback, for those who prefer a hands-on recipe source other than online.

She also co-authored a book about growing organic food, How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden, that is available in paperback.

Growing an organic garden and using these helpful resources when preparing the healthy harvest will increase your family's health and wellness. Following these suggestions may save you money and improve your quality of life.

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