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See also: – THE source of information about the ACA/Obamacare? -- the only source for information? Perhaps not.
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Is the primary source of information about the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare? It appears not. While the site cost taxpayers $70 million, didn’t work for over 30 days, has been proven to be unsafe, and it doesn’t tell the whole story of the Affordable Care Act, called “Obamacare” by President Obama himself, most Democrats and news sources until it didn’t work.

A few things misses:

  • It doesn’t tell you even though you think you are signed up, you may not be covered. Sorry, folks, you have to pay first. (CNN Money)
  • What about long-term care expenses? Nope, not covered. (
  • It doesn’t mention there are 20,000 pages of new regulations. 800 pages were added three years after it was passed, and it continues to grow. It is nearly 8-times the size of the original bill (Town
  • It doesn’t mention the mandates which have been unethically (and perhaps illegally) changed. Changes in the law are supposed to go through congress (not changed by one person). Many delays have been added by President Obama until after the 2014 mid-term elections. (National
  • It doesn’t talk about if you lost your “sub par” insurance plan, you are now getting a waiver for a year, and you can get a catastrophic plan (which doesn’t follow the law of the ACA act). So in effect, by purchases one of these approved plans, you are breaking the law. (
  • The IRS has already lost $67 million from a “slushfund” and can’t account for it. Government responsibility (or irresponsibility), with your tax dollars. (Americans For Tax Reform,
  • The Wall Street Journal (Market Watch) compiled a list of 10 things Obamacare doesn’t tell you.
  • What about if you have a claim against Obamacare? Sorry, you can’t sue, the government, and individual states, have “Sovereign Immunity.” (JoeForAmerica and Washington Examiner)
  • There is no oversight to Obamacare. No insurance commission determines the rates or that claims are paid, just the executive branch setting the rules and deciding what they will and won’t enforce. What about the employees who walk you through the system? Nope, no background checks, even though they are taking your most private information. (
  • In order to sign up for insurance through, you are giving out what should be your most protected information, date of birth, social security number, address, phone number, etc. Who will be responsible if your data is compromised? Not the government. (
  • If you can’t pay a bill, instead of working out a payment plan through the hospital or doctor’s office, guess who is going to collect instead? The trusted IRS. (USA Today)
  • They can change the rules at any time (as evidenced by the first four months of the “Act”). (CBS News, Market Watch)
  • If you have an employee sponsored plan, you may have to claim it on your taxes. If it’s a “premium” plan, you may pay extra, even if your employer covers the cost. Read the announcement on and look carefully at the wording of the last line. They are collecting information, potentially for future use.

What you can get from

  • The entire Affordable Care Act document. All 20,000 pages of regulations. There are short versions available. However, if our elected officials in congress didn’t read the bill before they voted on it, how many Americans are going to?

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