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Unless you have been living underground or something, you all have probably heard of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. It is a law that has been both applauded and booed by millions of Americans from all walks of life. First and foremost, I will state that this article is in no way meant to be a political article. For the record, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am an Independent who does her best to live as compassionately and as full of common sense as she can. As a result, I have decided to review using one of the topics that I normally write a non-fiction book. was created by the US Government in order to help those who lost their healthcare coverage, who did not have healthcare coverage to begin with, who wanted a plan besides what their job offered, etc, etc, etc sign up for coverage.

When you open up the website for the first time, it shows you different selections for Individuals and Families and also for Small Businesses. I chose Individuals and Families. I was curious to see what type of questions they would ask. In this next section, you could enter information and not have it transfer to your actual healthcare application. The website has a template that asks for your age, how many people in your household, your state, your county, and also what your yearly income is. The website would then show you plans depending on what you entered into the system. If you were interested in signing up for a plan, then you would be directed to create a login and a password in order to sign up for that plan.

In addition to the items above, the page also asked you if you were interested in seeing if you could qualify for lower cost coverage. I did not go any further after this because fortunately, my full-time employer offers good healthcare coverage. . This is not to say you all could not obtain good healthcare coverage through I am just stating my own personal situation.

There is also a section that you can go to, while you are either in Individuals and Families or Small Businesses, that answers some Frequently Asked Questions. For example, if your child is under age 26; can they still be on their parents' health insurance plan? The answer is yes if a particular plan provides that coverage. What if a woman needs contraception? stated that the majority of plans do cover contraception. They also provide mandatory coverage for pregnancy and related costs on the majority of plans. They also talk about how pretty much all plans provide coverage for preventative care. In addition, they do state that someone may be charged a fee for being able to afford healthcare coverage but not having healthcare coverage. However, they also have a way that you can apply for an exemption from that fee.

The website was easy to navigate for the most part. It appears that the designers of have been working on making it that way after the horror stories in the beginning. That is a positive thing. I also saw the toll-free number for assistance listed in a couple of different places throughout the site. That is a good thing too.

I thought that as a website, it has come a long way from a few months ago; and that most people would find it easy to use. As stated, I was not one of the people who needed to buy health insurance from this website. I have heard that some people were happy with their new coverage while others wished that they had their old coverage or no coverage at all. There are pluses and minuses with everything.

As stated in the beginning, this is not meant to be a political article. However, I will say this. Healthcare reform is absolutely needed. I do not care what party with which you are affiliated. Whether the non-fiction story continues forever with; or its life is cut short; something still needs to be changed. Accusing people of not supporting the United States of America either way is not going to help. Healthcare reform is still needed. Hopefully, one day, all of our leaders will get the message.

One final note, I have also read some of the actual Affordable Care Act. I believe that is an easier and more informative read. If you need to obtain Healthcare through, make sure you ask questions and are as educated as you possibly can be before purchasing your, your family's, or your business's healthcare plan. This goes for whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent.

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