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Health Warrior for 2014

Life promises change. Kids grow and go off to college. Although we expect it, it is still difficult for parents to accept. How do they make certain that their children are not running with the wrong crowd? Are they getting enough rest? Are they attending classes? For goodness sake, are they eating well enough?

Keep your college kids healthy with Chia!
Health Warrior

Well, there is a way for you to have at least a small bit of input into what your child is eating while they are away – and communicating with them in a very special way so that they know that they are still in your mind and in your heart. Health Warrior gives you the opportunity!

Health Warrior is all about health. The company began after the best-selling book Born to Run was released. After reading the story about the Tarahumara Indians and their long-distance running capabilities fueled by Chia, ‘the runner’s food,’ the founders of Health Warrior looked further into Chia and discovered that it is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on our planet. So they began to eat Chia every day – on everything. Chia gave them the ability to feel stronger, work out harder, run farther and faster and lift heavier. Health Warrior was the result of their investigation into truth.

The goal of this health-conscious organization is to scrutinize the world’s growers of the highest quality Chia and help people to overcome the many challenges presented to them every day in their lives. If they can do wonders for athletes, wouldn’t you trust that Chia could also help to keep your college student healthy while they are away?

Chia is a ‘Superfood’ and Health Warrior created their delicious Chia Bars for people to enjoy and benefit from. They use only the highest quality Chia Seeds to provide the nutrients people need to feel fuller, faster.

You can purchase Chia Bars online at or on Certain Whole Foods locations and independent natural food retailers throughout the U.S. (Fairway, Wegmans and Stop n’ Shop markets) will also carry this great product. Each bar is only 100 calories but contains the following:

· 1000 mg OMEGA-3

· 4g Fiber

· 4g Protein

· Less than 5g of sugar

· Antioxidants

· Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free and Vegan

Health Warrior Chia Bars are available in six delicious flavors. Popular favorites include Acai Berry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Coconut, which, among more than 680 new bars introduced in the last year, is the #1 selling nationwide. Additionally, new flavors launched this summer include Banana Nut, Apple Cinnamon and Coffee. There is something for everyone and everyone should benefit from this superfood!

Help transition your son or daughter through second semester and send them a care package full of delicious, energizing Chia Bars. They won’t only thank you, but you will feel the love when they perform at their highest levels thanks to your constant input to sustain healthy eating capabilities! (You will feel better, too!)

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