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Health tracker maker looking to tech giants for buyout

The company is looking for a buyout
The company is looking for a buyout

In the wearable tech game, Basis Science is looking to advance. According to TechCrunch's report on Feb. 16, the company is on the lookout for a buyer.

Basis is behind the Basis Health Tracker Watch and had been reportedly eyeing Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft over the past several weeks looking to sell.

TechCrunch notes that the acquisition of the company could be a bonus for any of those tech giants. Apple and Google might have a watch in production, but Basis’ product is available now and would require a minimal amount of tweaking to meet design standards.

Samsung already has a smart watch out, though similar to the Basis, the design work leaves much to be desired. However, with the acquisition of Basis, it could basically start again and advertise their watch as having the most accurate data collection and reporting and spend most of their development time on design.

Microsoft could stand to gain the most, as they don’t have much in the way of wearables or hardware.

Of course, the Basis tracker could also benefit design-wise from a buyout for the benefit of having a more streamlined design and the capital to support further research and development.

Should the company sell, it would go for under $100 million. If a sale isn’t in the works for the company, TechCrunch reports that they’d have to aim for a C round of funding.

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