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Health tips from Apollo Anton Ohno

Apollo Anton Ohno
Apollo Anton Ohno

Many already know that Apollo Anton Ohno is one of the U.S.'s best short track olympic speed skaters. Ohno is a five time gold medalist and is looking to add to his collection. After reading the following words from Ohno, it seems that he would also make an exceptional health teacher. Here are some tips, directly from Apollo Anton Ohno, to stay healthy:

"In the weeks leading up to the Olympic Winter Games, rest and relaxation are so important. Not only do I perform better when I’m well rested, but it’s my number-one defense against getting sick with a cold or flu. Other than getting enough sleep, to stay healthy during the winter I wash my hands all the time, eat healthy, and exercise frequently."


  • Dina 5 years ago

    His name is spelled with one "l". A p o l o. Apolo Anton Ohno.