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Health Talk with Dr. Phanin Leksrisompong: Exclusive Interview with BiPro

biPro offers some of the greatest whey protein powders in the world today. It is not only natural, but gluten free too.
biPro offers some of the greatest whey protein powders in the world today. It is not only natural, but gluten free too.
Sarah Afshar

BiPro is a pure protein brand that is great for anyone who is looking to live a healthy lifestyle. It is one of my favorite protein brands. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Phanin Leksrisompong, the director of Business Development at Davisco Foods about BiPro. Here is what she had to tell me...

(Q) Hello Dr.Nin. How are you? Tell me a little more about BiPro...

BiPro, is a high quality whey protein isolate (WPI). What sets BiPro apart from other WPI on the market is the quality and purity – Our products have a clean label and contain low to no sugar, fat, or carbs. Unlike many other protein products, BiPro does not contain any protein blends, which often include lesser quality proteins such as gelatin. In addition, BiPro Whey Protein does not contain any unnecessary fillers or bulking agents.

(Q) Tell me a little more about the inspiration behind BiPro...

Davisco Foods Int’l has manufactured whey protein powders for industrial formulations for over 30 years. In the 1990’s Davisco Foods started receiving requests from Olympic and Professional Athletes for BiPro. They were looking for a pure high quality protein they could trust. People were becoming more familiar with product ingredients and realizing a lot of whey protein products contained fillers, BiPro doesn’t. Due to the high demand and the want to educate people on what a pure high quality protein is, Davisco Foods made the decision in 2003 to implement a consumer packaged whey protein line. This was the birth of BiProUSA.

(Q) What is your most popular product right now? Tell me a little more about BiPro's best seller...

We recently released our Chocolate and French Vanilla flavors, which have been greatly received! For the chocolate lovers we offer a smooth light chocolate with only 100 calories, low Carb, Low Fat and naturally flavored. It’s even made with real cocoa! Our French Vanilla is a rich vanilla with only 90 calories, low carb, fat free, sugar free and naturally flavored. And our Unflavored BiPro has been growing in popularity daily!

Who wouldn’t choose a protein that you really do choose the flavor? Mix it with chocolate milk, your favorite smoothie, orange juice, water with flavoring, or cook with it. You can find many quick to add recipes at BiPro Recipes. (

(Q) I love the idea that your products are 100% natural. I have tried the chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored. I love them all, however; I am addicted to the chocolate. I love mixing it with water, but also Silk's Coconut Almond Blend.

I personally mix any flavor in with unsweetened coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk each morning. I also incorporate BiPro in with my baked goods.

(Q) Your products contain whey isolate. What is whey isolate and how is it used in your products?

Whey protein isolate is the most pure and concentrated form of whey protein available. It contains 90% or more protein and very little (if any) fat and lactose. Other products on the market may contain whey protein concentrate which has anywhere between 29% and 89% protein depending upon the product.

(Q) I have to tell you, I also love the idea that there are no sugars and no carbs in your protein powders. This is perfect for someone who is not only dieting, but looking to stay healthy too. It is also perfect for women like me, who is a lacto ovo vegetarian.

Because of our manufacturing process we are able to get a clean pure protein. All of our products are low or free of fat, sugar, and carbs. Plus the calories are low! Making BiPro a clean, lean protein.

(Q) What makes BiPro whey protein better than soy protein?

Pure BiPro Whey Protein Isolate is considered to be the most nutritionally complete protein available (more complete than soy protein). It naturally contains abundant amounts of all the essential amino acids. The human body needs to synthesize approximately 250 grams of new proteins every day in order to replace old proteins and repair tissue damage. Nearly every protein in the body is replaced over the course of one year. Optimizing high quality, complete protein intake is important because dietary protein provides the essential amino acids to build new proteins. Note: most new proteins are not used for growth, they are used to repair and remodel existing protein structures.

• In comparison to soy protein, BiPro Whey Protein has higher levels of the branched-chain amino acids leucine. Leucine plays a unique role among amino acids as a dietary trigger required to initiate skeletal muscle protein synthesis. Skeletal muscle is the largest protein structure in the body and plays a prominent role in maintaining adult health and response to illness. As such, the maintenance of muscle mass, strength, and metabolic function should be a primary focus when considering the effects of dietary protein intake.

BiPro Whey Protein has a more neutral taste than soy protein and does not leave an after-taste or off-taste in the foods and beverages you mix it into to.

BiPro Whey Protein does not contain soy isoflavones, which may cause unfavorable hormonal affects.

(Q) I haven't tried the BioZzz yet. Tell me a little more about this particular product...

BioZzz Alpha-lactalbumin, an isolated whey protein, is the purest form of alpha-lactalbumin commercially available. It is a high quality protein source containing low levels of the minerals calcium, phosphorus and potassium – critical for people who need to monitor their mineral intake. BioZzz is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that has been shown in studies to improve sleep and morning alertness, cognitive performance under stress, and mood under stress.

It is 100% Natural. Pure. Premium. Virtually tasteless. High quality protein source containing low levels of the minerals calcium, phosphorus and potassium - critical for people who need to monitor their mineral intake. It contains the highest natural source of tryptophan available. It digests quickly. There is NO fat, NO carbs, NO sugars, and NO lactose.

(Q) What is tryptophan and how is it used in your products? How is tryptophan important?

BioZzz Alpha-lactalbumin is an isolated whey protein and is the purest form of Alpha-lactalbumin commercially available. It is a high quality protein source containing low levels of the minerals calcium, phosphorus and potassium – critical for people who need to monitor their mineral intake. Alpha-lactalbumin is the primary protein in human milk and is the second most prominent whey protein in bovine milk. Unique to Alpha-lactalbumin is an exceptionally high natural level of the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin and the neurosecretory hormone melatonin.
Studies have shown that consuming Alpha-lactalbumin rich in tryptophan may improve sleep and morning alertness and mood under stress. Alpha-lactalbumin is among the highest natural food sources of leucine (10.8 g per 100 g protein), a metabolic trigger for muscle protein synthesis.

Increasing dietary protein that is high in leucine can improve body composition with increased muscle and reduced fat, and can minimize common musculoskeletal health problems observed in older adults. New research about the importance of skeletal muscle in treatment or prevention of obesity, comorbidities and age-related problems have led to a re-thinking about the role of dietary protein in adult health. Alpha-lactalbumin is also high in sulfur-containing amino acids cysteine and methionine which play a key role in glutathione synthesis to boost the body’s immune system. In addition, Alpha-lactalbumin is a high quality complete protein, with a Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Scores (DIAAS) of 114, indicating complete amino acid availability.

(Q) I love your cookbooks! You have several cookbooks for smoothies, desserts, as well as, a vegetarian and gluten-free cookbook. You also have a Halloween themed cookbook. I have tried several recipes already and they were amazing.

We started developing recipes to educate people on the many ways you can really incorporate BiPro into your diet. nThe response we receive from our cookbooks is amazing!

(Q) I love the Vanilla Chai smoothie. I used almond milk instead of milk and Stevia instead of Splenda. Just wow, it turned out amazing!

We have food scientists and an application center on site. All of our recipes are created in house and sampled by our staff. We then take these recipes home to recreate prior to releasing. I love some of the vegetarian recipes! I also add BiPro into my oatmeal. It’s an easy way to add protein to your breakfast.

(Q) Do you have any plans of creating a Thanksgiving or Christmas cookbook?

We are always looking for new cookbooks to release. Our next cookbooks coming out will be a Weight Management cookbook. We will look into releasing a Thanksgiving or Christmas themed cookbook as well.

(Q) You are actively involved in several big events coming up. Whether it be attending or having your product samples offered. You have the CPSDA Meetings, the PHATS meetings, the ISSN Annual Conference & Expo, NATA Annual Annual Meeting, the Grandma's Marathon, Yoga Fit Mind and Body Conference, the NSCA National Conference, IDEA World Fitness Convention, the CanFitPro Trade Show, the 64th Annual Obesity & Associated Conditions Symposium, Your Weight Matters, the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, the Geneva International Sports Convention, and the Dave Lee’s Gutter Bowl. Tell me a little more about BiPro's involvement in these events...

We believe in the power of peer referrals and word of mouth advertising. In the day and age where technology is becoming more and more a part of everyone’s life, we feel it is still important for us to be in the crowd receiving face to face time. This is a great way to not only educate individuals on the power of protein, but allows us to listen and learn from our consumers.

(Q) You have everyone from celebrities (including celebrity athletes) to regular people who use BiPro. Out of the many testimonies you receive on a daily basis, which testimonials are the most memorable?

Honestly since we hear so many testimonies it’s hard to choose one that stands out. You’re able to view them all at and add your own thoughts as well.

(Q) For all of those health enthusiasts reading this interview, what would you like them to know? What is next for BiPro?

The most important thing for any health enthusiast is to remember to turn the package around and look at the fact panel and ingredients on anything they purchase. Whey protein is a natural byproduct of cheese. Your label should never have a list of ingredients. What’s next for BiPro? We will be releasing single serve packets of our flavors in June. We will also be continuing to evaluate formulations for new brand extensions!

For more information about BiPro, please visit today.

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