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Health Talk with Arvin Lal: Exclusive Interview with SHREDZ

Arvin Lal, the CEO of SHREDZ
Arvin Lal, the CEO of SHREDZ
Arvin Lal

SHREDZ is committed to providing you with the highest quality of ingredients without burning a hole in your wallet. As part of the #SHREDZ, #SHREDZARMY, and #TRAINHARDERTHANME movement, they offer an array of supplements for both men and women. Recently, I had the chance to catch up with Arvin Lal, the CEO of this amazing brand. Here is what he had to tell me...

(Q) Hello! How are you? Tell me a little more about SHREDZ...

Hello, Sarah. I’m doing very well. We have a lot going on over here and I’m excited to talk to you about it. SHREDZ Supplements is a line of fitness supplements that have been helping people in more than 60 countries achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. SHREDZ the brand is a community that reaches over 30 million people who believe that fitness is more than just a hobby. SHREDZ Army, what our following is called, understands that fitness is a lifestyle.

(Q) What inspired you to create this health and wellness brand? Tell me a little more about the inspiration behind SHREDZ...

I have been heavily into fitness for quite some time and I wanted to create a brand of supplements that weren’t packed with fillers and unnecessary things. At the same time, I wanted to bring back the community aspect of fitness that was popular some time ago. There is so much to know and learn about training and no one person has all the answers. That’s why SHREDZ Army is the strongest community in fitness! We motivate each other. We help educate each other. And, we’re pretty damn good gym buddies too.

(Q) So, can anyone use SHREDZ?

SHREDZ Supplements are designed for ANY fitness goal imaginable. We even have a line of supplements that specifically cater to women. We have stacks that fit any fitness goal you might have. In fact, visit and select your goal!

(Q) You have products for both men and women. I have to ask, what are your most popular products right now? Tell me a little more about your best sellers...

Our top selling items are our Alpha Female and Alpha Male Stacks, which are a all-in-one solution that helps people who are looking to lose weight and tone up. Our products are made to work in conjunction with each other, so people often see the best results when they use the stacks instead of using only one product.

(Q) I am very intrigued by the extensive product line you have for women. I have to ask, what is SHREDZ Rebuild-PM? Tell me a little a little more about this product...

Rebuild-PM is a recovery and sleep-aid supplement. It’s meant to be taken about 30 minutes before sleep and it helps the body and muscles recover while you sleep while also giving you more REM sleep to wake up refreshed. Sleep is an important part of mental and physical fitness that often gets overlooked. We only spend an hour or two working out each day, but progress is made when you make great use of the hours outside of the gym. Rebuild-PM helps get you closer to the results you want while you sleep, and allow you to be more prepared for the day when you wake up.

(Q) You also offer a fat burner, a multi-vitamin, creatine, and even an anti-aging supplement which is amazing.

SHREDZ Fat Burner was actually our first product. The effectiveness of this product is what has allowed us to expand to the line that we have today. The creatine is made with the patented Creatine MagnaPower® which is non-bloating, so you never have to worry about the water retention that comes with most other creatines. And, the anti-aging is one of our newer products, but people are loving it already. It’s designed to strengthen hair, skin and nails while keeping your body looking and feeling healthy inside and out.

(Q) What is the difference between SHREDZ BCAA+Glutamine Building and Recovery Complex and SHREDZ Preworkout Performance?

SHREDZ Pre-workout Performance is an amazing pre-workout supplement that gives you a mental and physical energy boost to help you get the most out of your workouts. There is creatine in it, so it gives your muscles extra fuel to push harder during the workout.

SHREDZ BCAA+Glutamine is normally taken during or post-workout. It supplies you with essential amino acids that are the building blocks to protein. In other words, it gives the body what it needs, right when it needs it, to help tone and tighten.

(Q) After following a workout regime, as well as, a balanced diet, incorporating SHREDZ, when can one expect to see results? Say I start a regime tomorrow and add SHREDZ into my life, when can I see results?

You can feel some of the effects of the products after the first week and if you are exercising regularly with a clean diet, you can see results within a few weeks. Everyone’s body reacts at their own pace, but if you want to see progress from real men and women who use SHREDZ visit

(Q) For all of those health and fitness enthusiasts reading this interview, what would you like them to know? What is next for SHREDZ?

I am so proud of health and fitness enthusiasts, as well as anyone else who made the tough decision to pursue your passion as a livelihood. It was hard for me, too, when I left my corporate job behind to start a line of supplements that no one had heard of. Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams. Don’t let people tell you that you’re making the wrong choice. If we all settled for a normal life, this world wouldn’t be nearly as fun and exciting as it is.

The next big thing on the SHREDZ calendar is the 2014 Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last year was our first time attending the event in an official capacity. Anyone who went knows that we absolutely CRUSHED it. This year, we’re coming back with even more fun and surprises in store. Make you’re way out there for your chance to meet and hang out with the entire SHREDZ team. I promise it will be an experience you won’t forget!

For more information about SHREDZ, simply visit today.

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