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Health Starts At Home. Love First. Feed Later.

A healthy home starts with love.  Meals at the table are the icing on the cake!
A healthy home starts with love. Meals at the table are the icing on the cake!
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When one thinks of a healthy family what comes to mind? Does the dinner table and what’s on it come into view? Does a jogging family in matching gear steal a glimpse? Is the food triangle and well balanced meals a vision of a healthy family?

Ironically, when “googling” the words “Healthy Family in Hawaii”, a bunch of sites popped up. What was interesting is that the articles began with bylines which read, “End child abuse, homeless, drug abuse, etcetera.” Not one article began with information about eating and nutrition. But then again, we already knew this. Health starts at home and it begins with the health and spirit of the family unit. As cliché as it may seem, it is ever so real. The health and well being of a person starts with love.

Dr. Arthur Janov sums it best when he cites, “We all are creatures of need. We are born needing, and the vast majority of us die after a lifetime of struggle with many of our needs unfulfilled. These needs are not excessive — to be fed, kept warm and dry, to grow and develop at our own pace, to be held and caressed, and to be stimulated.” He further writes, “Unfulfilled needs supersede any other activity in the human until they are met.”

Thus, suffice it to say, that human beings need more than food and water, schedules to do this and that, made to achieve milestones at certain timelines. We need to assure that our families are loved as much as they are fed. Dr. Janov further comments, “Struggle is what keeps a child from feeling his hopelessness. It lies in overwork, in slaving for high grades, in being the performer. Struggle is the neurotic's hope of being loved. Instead of being himself, he struggles to become another version of himself. Sooner or later the child comes to believe that this version is the real him. The "act" is no longer voluntary and conscious; it is automatic and unconscious. It is neurotic.” For the complete article, click on this link:

Remember when it comes to health it starts at home. Love, nurturing, feeling safe and secure is equally as important as a healthy well balanced diet, exercise and sleep. Humans need not grow up to be emotionally bankrupt adults, its all about love. In Hawaii top it off with a huge dose of ALOHA.



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