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Health news for pet owners: Dog food contains harmful ingredients

Pet owners everywhere put their pets first. They form a bond with them when they are first born or just after an adoption from a local shelter. This bond is made of love and compassion as well as a promise to that pet that you will care for their wellbeing. That includes feeding them, supplying them shelter and medical care when necessary.

Feed your dog healthy foods and avoid harming their health!
Healthy Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

One of the easiest things to do is feed a dog, or is it? There are lots of products on the market for all types of breeds, ages and pet sizes to choose from. But what many pet owners don’t realize or understand is that not all dog food products are created equal or even good for your puppy or full-grown dog.

Learn about dog food and some harmful ingredients you should avoid:

Many manufacturers of dog food follow certain regulations when creating a food product. These regulations are limited which is a cause for alarm. It seems that the labels can contain the words animal fat without being specific as to where the source of that animal fat comes from. There are many manufacturers who actually add low-quality fats, genetic fats as well as used restaurant grease when making dog food.

When you purchase dog food you need to check the labels and really read them. They need to say the animal or fat sources come from chicken fat or duck fat which is a lot healthier for your pet.

Low quality ingredients in some pet foods are shipped without being refrigerated. They also contain meat or beef, even poultry-by-products. These by-products are inexpensive and also promote rancidity. Rancid fats can destroy the nutrition values such as proteins and vitamins the dog food is supposed to provide your pet. These deficiencies are harmful and can give your dog health problems such as arthritis, heart problems and cancer.

Added sweeteners such as sugar and corn syrup really serve no purpose for your pet. This additional ingredient is another way to cheat dogs out of the nutrition they really need to get from their food. With the sugars added it is an enticing way to trick a dog into eating a particular brand of food that provides little or no animal proteins and only small fragments of grains. This makes it less expensive to manufacture and an unhealthy choice for your pet.

Artificial colors are just added chemicals. They do nothing for your dog. The coloring is added to make the dog food more attractive to the purchaser, consumer and pet owner and not the dog.

Read pet food labels and keep their health in mind when buying dog food!

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