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Health Interview with Joeliza Brito and Luis Aquize

A.Y.N Wellness Center
A.Y.N Wellness Center
Cheryl A Nocera

I interviewed Joeliza Brito owner and founder of A.Y.N. Wellness Center and Luis Aquize a Les Mills fitness instructor on health and wellness. A.Y.N. Wellness Center offers ionic foot detox, massage, reflexology, facials, waxing, and mediation. Luis Aquize teaches Combat, CX Worx, Body Pump, Body Attack, RPM, Body Step, Body Flow, and Spin.

When I asked both of them what made them get into the health and wellness field both views were important and almost the same. Joeliza Brito said, I got into this field watching the people around me not knowing about the wellness field, suffering from medical conditions, or educating themselves about medical conditions they had This made me want to learn more. I took the time to find out about these conditions, and wanted to learn more so I can help others. I went from beauty to wellness. The universe gave me the people I needed to help me, and continued down this path. Luise Aquize said, This is a part of my life that is magical, and makes me happy. I wanted to be able to teach others, so they can be happy. I originally started taking aerobic classes to lose some weight, like most people. Then I learned the choreography, and was asked to sub a class. I did sub the class, and wanted to do more.

I asked, do you think there is a connection between wellness and nutrition? Luis's response, of course there is. If you eat a lot of calories, when you are exercising the calories you lose will be replaced with the extra calories you eat. Therefore, you will not lose anything. Joeliza's response, you are what you eat. A person needs to be conscious of what they eat. They need to think about what they are eating to support their energy, health, and weight. If you eat junk food, you will be sluggish. If you eat healthy food, you will have energy throughout the day. People need to think about tomorrow. What do I need to eat for tomorrow, my health, and for my future health before eating something. Making bad choices will lead to bad health. Keep a journal and write down daily what you eat. Once in a while is OK to eat wrong food, but not all the time.

I asked both of them for advice to someone who does not know how to eat healthy and where to start. Luis said, we need to think about what eat before we eat it, because sometimes we eat the wrong food, for a small amount of pleasure. Once you eat it, the please is gone. Think about what do you really need to eat. Also, when you start working out, start out slow. Do not go all the way, because then you will not do nothing. Do a little bit at a time. Baby steps. You may start out doing 15 minutes, then 20 minutes, and then you will want to do more. Ask yourself, How do I feel when I do something good for my health? And remember how well you felt, while you were being healthy. Joeliza's advice, think about your future. Do you want to stay stuck, or do you want to feel good? Also, you can meditate. You can meditate just 5 minutes a day and it will help you complete your goal. Once you start seeing those changes, it will make you feel good. Both of them agreed on dieting, do not go on a diet. They do not work. Eat every two hours, do not wait until you are hungry. Your body is the most expensive thing.

I really enjoyed interviewing Joelizae Brito and Luis Aquize, they both had a lot of helpful information for people that need advice on health and wellness. Both of them are very helpful, want to improve other peoples lives, and are outgoing. I want to add my own personal note on health and wellness. I always use this as my go to with children when I am educating them. Cars need gas to run, if we do not put gas in them they will not run. Our bodies are like cars, we need to put good fuel (food) for our bodies to work properly. We need good food to support our brain, immune system, and to help all other part of our bodies connect well with each other. Because without it, we feel sluggish, our brains do think clearly, and we cannot make connections that we should be able to.

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Thank You,

Cheryl A Nocera