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Health Innovators explore adaptive speech innovation

Do you know someone with a speech or hearing disability? On February 10, the Health Innovators will be presenting Advances in Adaptive Technology: giving voice to innovation of today.

Boston is a hub of innovation and technology. Some would say Boston is The Hub; no argument here. Do you know that the disabled population is the largest minority on the planet? It's true; 18.7 percent of the U.S. population experiences a form of disability. The World Health Organization reports that approximately one billion people, over the age of 15, live with a disability. Staggering, isn't it?

A disability can occur at any stage in life. Today however, there are solutions to help the disabled live very able lives, thanks to health care, information technology, and innovation. Twitter, an application created through innovation, has allowed the world to come together in collaboration for the greater good. If you are wondering where to go on Twitter to find innovative followers, I recommend these to start with: #hitsm, #hcsm, #healthinno. There are more than I can name here. In fact, here is a wonderful reference that I refer to with regard to Twitter and Health: The Healthcare Hashtag Project. Apologies to anyone not using Twitter, #getmovingorgetrunover.

Patient TalkBack by the Health Innovators will be on display for free download via QR code, at this event. Patient TalkBack is an app that only requires a smartphone. It is free for now, we welcome feedback on the product and it's potential for value in reducing costs in health care and improving patient satisfaction with health providers.

Please save the date of February 10 to attend the Health Innovators event. Space is limited so please RSVP at Eventbrite for tickets.

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