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Health Improvements with Travel

Stress is one of the things that can make people feel the most tired and worn out. Human bodies have traditionally not had to deal with as much mental stress as we currently have today. With so many different things going on, it is hard to focus on enjoyment in life, which is what really matters. There are plenty of ways to get short-term gratification and enjoyment, such as eating unhealthy, but good tasting foods. Other bad habits include drinking and smoking, but there are some sustainable ways to educate yourself and improve health with travel.

Even a weekend getaway or a short trip around a city can have vast improvements on the health of an individual. Some tours in UK show single cities with a few of the most famous sites. Typically the cost is minimal, but the point is to get away and relax a little bit. This has profound impacts on a few major hormones in the body:

Cortisol - This is the main stress hormone and it is responsible for a lot of the fat gain around the midsection and stomach area. While there are plenty of reasons (like overeating) that cause fat, stress itself can be a major factor. By traveling and getting your mind off of work, you can reduce your cortisol and live a healthier lifestyle.

Adrenaline - Also called norepinephrine, this hormone is one of the most important for the "fight or flight" reflex. By traveling, you can bring this back into balance so that you are not always on the edge and ready to "pounce". Typically you can see a lot of problems with excess adrenaline, which is why taking a break is the best choice.

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