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Health hazards at your home and office part 3

Stress is a major health hazard that can attack anyone, any age, at home or at work. Stress can kill or seriously injure your health if not taken care of.

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If you live in a stressful relationship seek professional help, if you live in a stressful home environment work to make it less stressful such as keeping your home clean by washing dishes when finished eating instead of leaving in the sink or on the coffee table for days on end, make your bed when waking and change sheets often, open your curtains and let some sunshine in, open your windows and air out your house. All these things will help you feel better and less stressful.

At work keep your work space clean, place lemon scent candles or freshener on your desk to help clear your mind and brighten your spirits, if you work with someone who is a bully or threatens you in anyway ask to be moved or transferred to another area in the building where you won’t be in direct contact with that person. If all else fails you may need to look for other employment for your own sanity.

These are only a few of the hazards that may affect your health at home or the office, if you are being harassed mentally and or physically seek professional help.

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