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Health hazards at your home and office part 2

Drinking Water that has dangerous chemicals, pesticides, lead or other heavy metals, along with chlorine and fluoride that has been purposely added by your water company-provider can be very damaging to your health. You can ask for the newest water-quality report from your water company and they will provide it to you free of charge. Buy a good water filter and start filtering all tap water before you drink, this will absolutely help with the problem, but might not eliminate all of your water contaminants.

Medication should be kept out of reach of children, mentally ill and elderly people who might accidentally over-dose.

Cleaning Products should be kept out of reach of children and anyone who may drink by mistaking the product for something edible. Always use cleaning products in a well ventilated area and never mix products, they could put off a toxic gas and breathing it could be hazardous to your health or others in the home or office.

See video above for information on drugs in water supply.

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