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Health hazards at your home and office part 1

There could be a myriad of health hazards in your home or office that are slowly harming your health that you may not be aware even exist.

Some such hazards are but not limited to are as follows:

Lead-based paint, paint chips and dust are often in older homes built before the known health hazards from smelling lead ever became known around 1977 they stopped painting homes and offices with the dangerous chemical. Living in a home or working in an office that was painted with lead-based paint has several serious health threats to those who dwell there such as: Anemia, brain damage, kidney damage or failure, nerve damage, and even reproductive problems to name a few. If you suspect your home or office was painted with lead-based paint you can hire a home inspector to test for any signs of lead in the home or office.

Mold is often found in homes where moisture-generating appliances are found, and in homes previously damaged by water from flooding. Some types of mold are known to cause headaches, allergies and breathing problems. To help prevent mold in your home or office keep the dwelling clean and dry by insulating doors and windows, clean out your heating and cooling systems, fix any plumbing that is leaking or dripping, look under sinks and around toilets for leakage.

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