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Health & fitness - New exercise science 'ARF' stoutly exerts muscles, not joints

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This morning (12/23/13), an engineer from the Adult Exercise Efficiency Project released their first findings report since last January.

This private project appears to be the first time anyone has mapped the paths and interactions of exercise forces inside the human body. The advantage of being first at any scientific study is that virtually every fact exposed is a new discovery, and all of these facts are about physical fitness.

In 2012 this project exposed that adults need the resistance energy of stout exercise to move in a different direction, to maintain powerful fitness, than children need to build it. They also exposed a simple universal method to measure the adult muscle building efficiency of any physical exercise.

This morning Project Engineer J T. Farrow, sent a written progress report releasing their 2013 findings to Here are some highlights:

"After mapping some ancient exercise methods, taught by primitive health and fitness experts, some from over 3000 years ago, we have determined that stout exercise methods do and have always driven their External Motion Resistance Energy, the force that strengthens muscles, directly into the skeleton, usually by compressing (squeezing) it.

This verifies the ability to deeply exert muscles during exercise has always been dependent on how much stress the user's bones, joints and spinal disks can handle, not how much stress their muscles can handle, once conditioned.

Forcing the skeleton to fight the resistance energy first, explains why the ability to strengthen athletic adult muscles always 'plateaus' once their muscle strength approaches the mechanical limits of their skeletons.

It is important to understand that exercise does not build strength anywhere inside the human body, it actually damages it. The strength gains happen because some of these damaged parts heal stronger after being overworked. The exercise difference between children and adults starts with the fact that children have more parts that will rapidly heal stronger, than adults have.

The ability for adults to maintain powerful fitness with stout exercise, is totally dependent on only damaging their parts that do rapidly heal stronger.

When the muscles joints and spinal disks of children are overworked, they can all rapidly heal larger, stronger and tougher. So traditional joint and disk stressing exercises are perfectly suited for children. In fact, it appears that stout modern exercises are grossly underused by children.

At around age 20, young skeletons harden into adulthood, allowing the new adult to exert their muscles considerably harder. This allows them to build muscle strength much easier while in their early twenties, before much joint and disk damage builds (assuming enough modern exercise to stay fit).

However, the harder joints and disks of adults need at least 2 weeks to fully heal after being overworked, yet adult muscles and hearts still need stout exercise three times a week to maintain powerful fitness and stamina.

The math for remaining physically fit, using only popular exercise methods, does not add up for adults. Their muscles need stout exercise at least six times more frequently than their joints and disks have time to fully recover.

This joint and disk damage builds up even faster once adult muscles are conditioned to doing stout modern exercise, as their greater strength opposes their joints and disks that much harder.

The lack of fast, powerful and energized adults and senior citizens, is not because nature (or god) made it impossible for them to become and remain powerfully fit. It is because today's Health and Fitness industries and educators continue the 3000 year-old tradition of overworking joints and disks first to get at adult muscles."

Last year this project sited a 2010 study from the University of Minnesota, which found that only about 4% of adults are physically fit. They contend that if the study only counted adults over age 35, instead of 18, that percentage would obviously plummet, they believe well below 1%.

Their report continued: "Only adult muscles retain the ability to rapidly heal stronger, after being overworked. So to maintain powerful fitness for decades, stout adult exercises can only frequently damage their muscles, without harming their joints and disks, frequently.

We have been developing something called 'Aimed Resistance Force exercises', or 'ARF'. With pure ARF exercises, the External Motion Resistance Energy is always crossing the spine, legs or arms, never traveling parallel (up or down) them.

During traditional dry exercises, resistance moves in parallel directions, so most is released while smashing or pulling joints or disks, first. Most traditional water exercises also drive parallel resistance, however they allow most to dissipate through many body motions that just give in to it.

Beside far more resistance reaching adult muscles, ARF allows far greater exertion of muscles because joints and disks will not simultaneously stress out. ARF should not only allow almost all adults to become and stay fit for decades, it also offers an end to the strength plateaus that frustrate athletes.

To better understand the power of External Motion Resistance Energy at its point of entry, imagine a car smashing into a solid concrete wall.

Resistance force naturally tries to cause most of the damage at the first parts that give in to it. So the car's front end suffers immensely more damage than its rear end, yet all of the resistance energy was still aimed at the entire car.

Exercise resistance works the same way. The first body parts that give in (yield) to its energy deplete it the most, leaving less resistance at the next motion. So with traditional exercises, the first motions caused by External Motion Resistance Energy, can dissipate much to all of it.

ARF exercises aim the resistance energy only in crossing directions that first hinder the muscle contractions that swing the extremity. The energy enters through the targeted muscles instead of through the hands or feet.

Because pure ARF also allows full range motion of targeted muscle contractions, there may be enough point of entry motion to dissipate most to all of this external force.

We seen no evidence that the concept of exercises that allow greater muscle exertion than the skeleton can normally tolerate, has ever been pondered before. Since there are no words for this, we begun referring to ARF exercises that allow greater exertion than the skeleton can allow while using traditional exercises, as 'Supercharging', or 'Supercharged exercises'.

From our aging point of view the most important use of ARF is not to supercharge athletes, but that the existing condition of joints and disks, can be of little to no consequence, thus allowing countless millions of mobility hindered adults, to finally have extremely stout muscle and heart exercises.

All ARF exercise are designed on paper first, before proven in practice. However, so far Supercharging has only been possible to do in water, without also needing specially designed ARF equipment."

An land, they see supercharging as only being possible with ARF fitness machines, or by adding new parts to existing workout machines, or by wearing body attached ARF devices, while doing traditional exercises.

All of these innovations will eventually help redirect external energy into the crossing directions. However, none of theses devices are consumer viable yet, and only some Supercharged exercises for water, are fully developed.

This examiner contributor is deeply involved with this project. He has just posted a manual called 'Supercharging Adults in Water', at It can be purchased, or downloaded free of charge, into any Amazon Prime Kindle device.



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