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Health, fitness, and wellness challenges for 2014

Sprout Nourishment 2014 Health and Fitness Challenges
Sprout Nourishment 2014 Health and Fitness Challenges

Regardless of your new years resolution, 2014 can be a year of great gain in terms of health and fitness. If you set reasonable goals, be committed and consistent, and have accountability, then you can create positive changes in your life. For accountability and encouragement, you can join Sprout Nourishment in any of their events throughout the year. These can help you eat healthy, exercise often, and live well. Learn more on the Sprout Facebook page.

The challenges are split into 3 categories. There are some that revolve around healthy and nutritious food: January, April, August, September, and December. Others are physical workout challenges: February, May, July, and October. The last category is called living well and involves sharing knowledge and helping others: March, June, and November. You can join just the ones you are interested in or try them all.

Full details will be revealed on the website and Facebook page, but an overview of the challenges are: