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Health-conscious items for your online shopping list

Getting healthy with online solutions
Getting healthy with online solutions
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Sitting in front of the computer can cause one to lose sight of health and fitness. Fortunately, the computer, and specifically the opportunity for online shopping, allows access to some fun, helpful, and healthy alternatives to a computer screen.

Fitness Diary

What better way to track what is eaten and track the amount of exercise than to keep a diary? This could be done in a smart phone, or a notepad, but also can be done with a full computer screen and the use of an online program (free) like Not only does this online program/application allow the data entry of foods eaten and exercise, but it has a social element to it, too, so that the user does not have to feel alone, but can connect with other users and track their progress together. This takes the health and fitness diary to another level, adding motivation to the mix.

The MyFitnessPal online application ties into other applications that work with smart phones. These apps are available on their web site. One of the devices that works with MFP is called FitBit and is compatible with iPhones and Androids (with accompanying application). This device functions as a pedometer and tracks exercise which can then be synced with MFP for the health and fitness diary. It is available for purchase on the web site.

Alternative for Smoking

Another device that can be purchased online, which will help in the health goals of the smoker, is a handheld vaporizer. The benefits of a vaporizer, over puffing on a cigarette, assist the smoker toward a better delivery system of the tobacco, helping them to cut down on the negative effects of smoking. While it may be recommended to cease smoking altogether, the use of a vaporizer is an alternative, especially for the smoker who is having difficulty quitting or doesn’t desire to quit. It offers the smoker the enjoyment of their tobacco with less toxic effects.

Finding a Health Club

The health club, itself, is not online, but there are options to find the club and to evaluate the benefits of the club, make payments, contact customer support, and find a participating health club while traveling. One such health club is LA Fitness, available in more places than just Los Angeles, and that availability can be checked online.

Virtual Personal Trainer

If going to a gym is too much and the preference is an at-home trainer at more affordable rates (saving gas costs, excess travel time, etc.), then possibly a virtual personal trainer is the right answer. Boston Magazine did an article on virtual personal trainers. With the advent of Skype and Google+ Hangouts, there are plenty of opportunities for a virtual meeting with the personal trainer. Costs can be minimized, too, by having group sessions and splitting the cost among multiple participants. With tools like Skype and G+, there are options to record sessions, to review later. All of these are questions to ask the virtual trainer, in making the buying decision that fits the bill.

Of course the list goes on, when it comes to options for health and fitness for the online shopper, but this gets one started in some creative ideas for that user who is a little on the health-conscious side (or desires to be healthy and fit).

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