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Health care summit produces no health


American citizens are not just a faceless crowd

As the health care summit droned on Thursday it became evident that the summit was just another push to get the current health care bill passed into law.  That became blindingly clear when President Obama told Senator John McCain, “The election is over.”

The Democrats were elected because they offered hope and promised meaningful change in the way Washington does business.  Instead of less government we have gotten more government, and it is desecrating our jobs industry, our mortgage industry, and housing sector.

People want meaningful, lasting, change for the better.  No one wants more spending, and the promise of even more spending in the future, on a broken health care system.  People want an intervention into the unholy trinity between the Doctors, Drug Companies, and Insurance Companies.  

People want to know why they are getting sick.  People want to know why there are so many diseases today.  People want answers for questions like; are there problems with our food, medicine, environment or lifestyle?  The only way to get answers to these questions is to federally mandate and fund autopsies in all cases, unless the family objects.  

All our elected officials need to do is pass a bill that simply says, “Unless the family or religious affiliation objects to a clinical autopsy, every death, whether in a medical institution or not, shall be required to have a clinical autopsy performed.”

Currently clinical autopsies stand at about 8.5% nationally because it is considered a money loser by hospitals.  It is time to consider the amount of time, money, energy, and loss of income the family has to endure when a loved one gets sick for no apparent reason.  

Depending on which source you use, the CDC, College of American Pathologists, Medline, Medscape or some other reference, clinical autopsies can save lives.  People get regular check ups, make lifestyle changes, spend more money on healthy foods, and still have to suffer through the trauma of watching a loved one suffer and die.  It is time to end the drama and the trauma and bring about change that can improve our quality of life and health care.


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