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Health care reform losing its way


    Only in America - mobs demonstrate against health care as a fundamental
    right of all citizens  (AP Photo/Al Grillo)

Lost in every article or story on health care reform is the fundamental purpose of it all:  to provide every American with guaranteed access to affordable health care that cannot be denied, rated or canceled for any reason pertaining to one's health.  And the fact that only the United States government can provide such a guarantee.  The private sector cannot.

Health care reform should be judged a success or failure on that one criterion.  But instead, we all ignore it, as if it isn't even relevant to the issue.

Affordable health care ought to be a right, not a privilege or a commodity.  Are we ashamed to talk about rights in this country, or what?  If Obama and the Democrats had focused on this theme I don't think lynch mobs would have formed to kill health care reform.  Only in America do you find people rioting against the granting of a fundamental societal right that all other civilized nations enjoy.  There are no words to describe how ridiculous this anti-reform movement is, or that the debate became so incoherent and off target that it formed in the first place.

We've lost our way because we don't even know what we are fighting for.  It ought to be for health care as a fundamental right.  Instead, it's become a food fight over the details, of pharmaceutical gobbledygook, of preposterous and fanciful allegations of government malfeasance and downright evil intentions.

All because we can't remember that affordable health care ought to be a right of every American. 




  • DonC 5 years ago

    The reason so many grassroots Americans are mad as hell is not because they don't see a need for reform. It is because our President tried to drive the legislation through quickly before it had been read and absorbed. He did the same with the stimulus. In doing so, he was purposely "pulling the wool" over Americans eyes to prevent a full policy vetting process and he totally sacrificed his credibility. Now, the people attending town halls don't care what the politicians have to say. They simply don't believe them any more. I don't. And it will take a lot more than a bunch of cheap telepromter words at an Obama townhall to convince me that I should trust our President again.

  • INgirl 5 years ago

    I don't think that healtcare is a right. Voicing my opinion is my right. And I think it's rather ironic that Pelosi & her cronies think it's un-American for me to speak my mind on this issue.
    I refuse to pay any more of my hard earned money to support other people. I am all for healthcare for children (because they can't help the mistakes their parents make) but I do not support government funded healthcare for all.

  • MoT 5 years ago

    I've learned quite a few new things lately but one of the real winners opened my eyes. Through government and insurance company collusion you have what you have right now. The high prices and lack of competition are a direct result of government intrusion into the market place and insurance companies paying off our supposed "leaders" in order to protect their turf. These goons on all sides are gangsters and then have the brass to come to us, the sheep in their eyes, to rape us further and call it "love". But all on our dime mind you. That's not what I call a ticket for romance but a call for divorce once and for all from these lunatics in D.C. They haven't the decency to step down from their ivory towers and give the peasants the time of day.