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Health care is a what...?

The so-called "progressive" definition of "rights" is socialism

I have heard this claim far too many times to finally say it's time to address this issue and put it in perspective. I can't claim my view on this is that original, but for the purpose of informing those who still believe this myth, I choose to debunk. The myth is the often reported one from those on the far left, that “health care is a right.” Even that lunatic, kooky self-described “libertarian” Jesse Ventura, the failed former one term Minnesota governor who got elected via candidacy on the “Reform” Party, has stated that he believes “health care is a right.”

Let's first decode the liberal leftist language. “Rights” aren't the same for them as they are for most of us. The traditional, what most of us now call conservative or “classical liberal” definition of a right, is that which one has a right to do, that doesn't violate the rights of others, that the state (the government) can not prevent you from doing. So, for instance, I have a right to free speech that means the government can't tell me to shut up. These rights are often referred to as God-given rights or Natural Rights by many of us. So we recognize many such rights, including rights to free speech, free press, freedom of religion, owning private property, keeping and bear arms (guns, etc.) and that the government can't tell us we don't have these rights.

For the liberal, leftist or progressive, “rights” are something very different. A liberal, as Barry Goldwater pointed out in his great book, The Conscience of a Conservative, is only concerned about the material aspects of life, so the liberal only sees one as having rights to material things. So the liberal or leftist “progressive” wants to create new rights, and those rights are the “rights” to be guaranteed health care, housing, food, and other material necessities of life. It's not ironic how “progressives” also deny, and want to infringe through the government, the other kinds of rights discussed above. So the leftist has it all backwards, wanting to restrict and infringe your God-given Natural Rights to free speech, freedom of religion and your right to own a gun, but at the same time wants to give you an iron-clad guarantee of your “rights” to health care, housing, food and what not.

The problem with the “progressive” vision of rights is that someone else has to pay for it. And when the people have the illusion of getting stuff for free, and have the ability to vote to give themselves more stuff for free, they keep voting that way and taking even more. These “rights” as “progressives” define them are “rights” that you get and someone else has to be pay for them. As Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” And a system based on such a definition of “rights” is definitely, by definition, socialism, and when we run out of other people's money to pay for all these rights, and can't borrow it from the Chinese or the Japanese governments anymore, our system collapses into a financial black hole, because socialism is unsustainable.

Not only is the “progressive” vision of “rights” as expressed by the claim that “health care is a right” a necessarily socialist vision, it is ultimately a form of communism. A system where the state pays for everyone's health care, housing and food is essentially a communist system. We know that any form of communism or socialism does not work, and is not economically sustainable for any period of time. So remember, any time you hear someone say “health care is a right,” whether it is Jesse Ventura, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or President Obama, the speaker is without a doubt a communist. You can not support that vision of society unless you are a communist and a socialist, regardless of whether or not your realize that and accept the fact.

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