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Health Care Expenses Should Be High On The List

Be prepared for bumps and bruises so your pet can enjoy pain-free days in the sun.
Be prepared for bumps and bruises so your pet can enjoy pain-free days in the sun.
Traci McCaughey Photography

Adopting a new member of the family requires some careful consideration. One item that is often overlooked is the expense of healthcare for the furry fella or fillie. This oversight can lead to big issues.

First, for dog and cat owners, there is the yearly “well baby” exam. If there are labs needed, that could be an extra charge. This is not something that should be overlooked as there are legal requirements that pet owners must meet in many cities. Failing to have vaccinations and tags updated could lead to fines and even higher expenses.

Accidents happen. Injuries happen. Pet owners need to ask themselves, “If something happens to Fido/Felix, can I afford the vet bill?” Of course there is no telling just how much the vet bill will be but being prepared to shell out $500 in an emergency is wise. More than likely, a shelter pet has already had a rough start and suffering through more trauma, such as an untreated injury or illness, is cruel.

There are also pet insurances that will help cover the unexpected medical and dental expenses. Paying a monthly premium could lead to a reduced shock to the bank account and increased confidence about being able to do the very best for the pet.

Not to be morbid, but end of life expenses need to be considered as well. When the beloved family pet is in pain and the quality of life no longer exists but death is not coming easily or quickly, the pet owner needs to be able to make a decision about what is best for the pet rather than what is best for the wallet.

By carefully considering the expenses of pet ownership, particularly healthcare expenses, one can make an educated adoption that will benefit both the human and the pet. It’s a Win-Win situation!


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