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Health care costs at work and 'practicing safe stress'

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New Gallup poll found the heath care law has not lessened concerns about health care costs. Business owners worry, employees worry, parents worry, health practitioners worry.

We all need to take the heath care challenge and make changes that will keep us out of harm’s way, out of the emergency room, out of the realm of chronic illness, and so many can and should be prevented.

There is lots of buzz about eating right and exercise. I’ll leave that to the experts. Where my expertise comes in is about workplace conflict, workplace office politics, and workplace unhappiness.

Here’s the skinny on how to practice safe stress.

It is the responsibility of each of us to learn what pushes our buttons, what sets the anger or guilt meter to go off. Question, do you know what the top three things are that make you want to punch a table, kick a chair, or smack a colleague?

Of course most of us hold back. We sigh, walk away, mutter nasty words under our breath call a friend and complain, write an email and then delete, write and delete, write and delete.

Have you ever thought about how all this stuffing it down plays out in your body? Here is an image that may help. Picture a pitcher you fill with water. You fill and fill and then at some point there is just no more room for the water.

What happens? It spills over the side and onto the table. Keep filling and it keeps running, on the rug, out the door. And all that excess water can be translated into too much stress.

Okay, you have the picture. Now, how do you practice safe stress?

First answer my earlier question; name the top three things that drive you right up a wall? Got them? Now, pay attention to your usual knee jerk reactions. Do you smile and say “No big deal” while you seethe inside? Do you run to your boss or HR to “fix him/her/them?"

In “Don’t Bring It to Work” you can check out the 13 most common patterns that make us into stress machines. They are patterns that can make us fat (the denier, avoider, martyr) lazy (procrastinator, victim), exhausted (super achiever, rebel, persecutor).

Check them out and decide which ones fit you, as in “if the shoe fits, it’s yours”. Then call us at 570 636 3858 or email me at for some ways you can practice safe stress. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.


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