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Health care bill included takeover of private educational lending

Crushing the Constitution requires a big gavel, an evil laugh and an entourage of idiots.
Crushing the Constitution requires a big gavel, an evil laugh and an entourage of idiots.
Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press. Thanks Associated Press!

The health care industry is not the only sector that has been seriously wounded by the Congressional democrats’ recent kamikaze attack. The student loan industry is right next to it, on life support.

Nancy Pelosi Redefines “Create”
Nancy Pelosi, looking like some bizarre prehistoric troll with here 6-foot gavel, made statements about all the jobs she thinks will be created from this health care disaster. While she did not identify the universe in which she thought these jobs would be created, we can be assured that whatever universe it is exists light years from Indiana.

Several Evil Profit-Making Companies Look to Cut Thousands of Hoosier Jobs

In addition to the tens of thousands of doctors that will be leaving the medical field and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that will be lost from companies like Biomet, Medtronic and Cook Medical from the medical device tax, we can add thousands of jobs that will be lost from the private sector due to the government takeover of educational lending.

Sallie Mae employs almost 9,000 workers, with the largest number of those being in Indiana. The almost 2,500 Hoosiers employed by Sallie Mae have just lost their job security, as the company says it is looking to cut upwards of a third of its Indiana employees.

We Are the Government, and We Want You!
One group that will be hiring is the federal government. In addition to the army of IRS agents who will be needed to enforce the unconstitutional health care mandate, the government will need thousands of workers to handle the job that they are stripping from the private sector. Guess what taxpayers, we get to pay those salaries and buy their desks, chairs, decorations, computers and everything else they will need to perform their new job.

The New Gatekeepers?
Those seeking greater control of the populace will embrace this measure. The government already controls what is taught in our public schools and liberals have a stranglehold on colleges and universities. Now they will get to directly decide who gets a loan and who doesn’t.

Not that I think the leaders of this country would ever stoop to the level of exploiting elected power positions to enact unfair practices . . .

Considering our leaders already steer grant money for colleges and students based on racial and ethnic lines, what is to stop them from throwing political dispositions in there and practicing tighter control?

The Bottom Line
In all honesty, hyperbole aside, this measure will likely save the federal government money in the long run. “In the long run” being the critical part of that statement. The initial investment in infrastructure and human capital will be costly, and the jobs lost will hurt the economy, especially here in Indianapolis.

The fact that it was added on without significant debate to a bill that is hated by most of the country does not make it any easier to stomach. Surely we could have waited for a more opportune moment to enact such reform, and maybe done it a bit more visibly.

Too bad this Congress and this president are all about political agenda and NOT about what is best for America.

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  • RSBL 5 years ago

    Pelosi belongs in prison, right next to Bush and Rove. They are the birds of a feather who stick together. Treason is their bond, Pelosi loves Israel more than america, she needs to go there and stay. She lied to her constituents just to get elected, just like all the other politicians. What they are doing is illegal.....revolution soon im sure, and hopefully so.

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