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Health benefits of walking 10,000 steps per day

To help yourself and your loved ones have long term health benefits and promote better overall health and wellness everyone man, woman and child should start walking daily. The recommended steps per day are 10,000.

Use a  pedometer to measure your daily steps and make sure you get 10,000 steps per day!
Photo by Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images

Fitness accessory needed to measure your steps is called a pedometer.

Pedometers are little tools that count every step you take to get healthier. On 10,000 Steps USA it states that Dr. Yoshiro Hatano determined that if people would walk 10,000 steps per day they would be thinner, improve their overall health, and reduce the risk of disease. To help get yourself motivated visit 10,000 Steps USA.

If you buy the pedometer that counts calories it will automatically estimate how many calories that you burned when walking.

If you want to start counting your steps and get your healthy living 10,000 steps per day you can buy a pedometer at Amazon, sports shops, some exercise studios and even Wal-Mart. They cost anywhere from $5.00 up into the hundreds of dollars depending on style, model, and manufacturer.

You can go online and order one:

Smart Health Walking Fit

This particular pedometer sits on your wrist like a watch and it measures the wearers steps, distance walked and calories burned, it also has a button to check your heart rate. The cost is around $20.00.

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