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Health benefits of supplementing with chromium

Broccoli contains chromium.
Broccoli contains chromium.
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Chromium content in the soil is steadily decreasing. It is difficult to get the recommended daily dose of chromium with diet alone. Supplementing the diet with chromium gives many health benefits. Chromium is a little known weight loss booster. It also helps with depression and reduces the risks of heart attack. Here are the health benefits of supplementing the diet with chromium.

Chromium health benefits include controlling blood sugar.

It makes the body more sensitive to insulin. Insulin is responsible for moving sugar into cells quickly and efficiently. This keeps sugar from converting to fat in the body. Those supplementing with chromium can experience an up to 50% boost in fat burning without losing muscle.

Chromium helps with glucose intolerance and diabetes.

Supplementing with chromium decreases glucose intolerance and sometimes changes medicinal needs in diabetes sufferers. Supplementing with chromium should never be used as a substitute for diabetes medication. Consult your physician if you plan on supplementing with chromium to improve diabetes blood sugar control.

People with low energy levels might consider supplementing with chromium.

Chromium is responsible for aiding the body in converting carbohydrates, protein and fat into energy. Supplementing with chromium may help motivate by increasing energy levels. Supplementing with chromium also benefits people suffering from depression and low motivation.

Eliminate even severe depression by supplementing with chromium.

If you overeat or crave sleep when depressed, supplementing with chromium could be a significant bad mood buster. This is because serotonin production in the brain is decreased in chromium deficient individuals. Serotonin is a hormone responsible for the health benefits of happiness.

Supplementing with chromium benefits health by reducing high blood pressure.

It also helps liver tissue function which decreases the amount of cholesterol in the body. These two factors combined make taking a chromium supplement an important step toward reducing heart attack risk. Chromium supplementing is not meant to eliminate prescription heart medicine.

Should you be supplementing with chromium?

Always ask your doctor before using any supplement. They can check your blood levels to see what you're lacking. If you have glucose intolerance, supplementing with chromium can help. You might also consider supplementing with chromium if you are depressed and inactive. Other indications you should be supplementing with chromium are high cholesterol, low motivation and loss of coordination.

Natural sources of chromium for health benefits include brewers yeast.

It can also be found in whole grains, broccoli and more. Brewers yeast has been found to be the best source. Supplementing with chromium tablets or brewers yeast is recommended as food sources are quite low in the mineral. Please consult a physician prior to supplementing with chromium or any other mineral for health benefits.

Please note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

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