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Health benefits of increasing your vitamin D levels

Getting Vitamin D though the sun
Getting Vitamin D though the sun
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Studies have shown that most people, especially women do not get enough Vitamin D. What are the benefits of increasing the amount of Vitamin D your body intakes? Find out here.

While you may think that Vitamin D is just another supplement, it actually has some very useful benefits for women. In the past 10 years, research has uncovered some new information on Vitamin D, especially in the form of D<sub>3</sub> that gives women some extra benefits other than just helping calcium convert from the stomach into the bloodstream to give bones extra protection.

Your entire body benefits from taking extra supplements of Vitamin D<sub>3</sub>. When your body is not getting the needed amount of this supplement it is working overtime to function. This can leave your body drained, feeling tired, irritated, depressed and overall sluggish. Does this sound familiar to you?

Boston University Medical Center's Director of Vitamin D, Skin, and Bone Research Laboratory states that Vitamin D "affects cell death and proliferation, insulin production, and even the immune system." The lack of or deficiency of Vitamin D may even be the cause of why so many people have trouble during pregnancies, including the cause of miscarriages.

The lack of Vitamin D has also been linked to heart problems, multiple sclerosis, and cancers. Another finding is that the lack of Vitamin D aids in fat storage. When your body is low in Vitamin D and C, your body gets the message to send these fatty cells to storage, and therefore, causing a weight gain. This could be why some women cannon lose weight no matter what diet they try. By increasing your Vitamin D and C, your body produces more serotonin. Your brain relies on serotonin to control hunger pains and cravings. It also boosts your moods.

Vitamin D is a supplement that your body makes naturally. However your body needs sufficient sunlight in order for the process to happen. We all know that the rays from the sun are harmful to us and the benefits of staying out in the sun to get enough for the process to work is not an option. The risk of skin cancer is too high. Even if you use sunblock, this is not going to allow your body to produce the needed Vitamin D. Sunblock blocks the absorption of Vitamin D up to 99%. This leads us back to taking a daily supplement of Vitamin D.

You can try to increase your Vitamin D levels through your diet by drinking skim milk. Certain oily fish species such as whitefish, tuna, wild salmon and halibut also contains Vitamin D. Other foods high in Vitamin D are hard boiled eggs, unsalted almonds, fat-free yogurt, and some fortified cereals.

If you suspect that your Vitamin D level may be low, ask your doctor to check it out on your next office visit. Getting more Vitamin D is easy to do and you will be much healthier and feel better too!


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NOTE: This article was originally posted on the Yahoo Contributor Network Voices which recently closed.

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