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Some dogs love to pose for their photo!
Some dogs love to pose for their photo!
Dianne Tyndall

If you decide to adopt an animal be sure you are mentally mature enough and financially capable to take care of all the animals needs physically, mentally and financially.

Animals need to be fed and watered daily, they need adequate shelter out of the weather, they may need to be spayed or neutered to prevent pregnancy, and they need to be treated kind and loved, animals have feelings like we all do and their feelings can be hurt or even damaged if not treated right.

They are a lot like children but one great difference is an animal will love you unconditionally like no other on earth will. Unconditional love does not come easy to humans but it does to our furry friends.

If you decide to adopt or just want to look into the possibility of a happier life with a new companion check out the following links:

At Adopt a Pet you can find animal shelters near your home, find the perfect pet, learn about adoption, pet health care and learn what to do to make your home pet safe before being your new pet home.

At All Paws they have over 86,000 pets that need a loving home. You can search for dogs, cats, rabbits or alpaca.

At Pet Finders you can search and find shelters, rescues, videos, learn about dog and cat care and also search and find that perfect pet to adopt.

At Pets Harmony Link you can download a tool bar for your computer that helps pet owners with advice for pet care, safety tips, adoption, and play virtual pet games.

The ASPCA website has numerous information on fighting cruelty, pet care, adopting dogs and cats along with frequently asked questions and a link to find a shelter near your home. They also have Free ASPCA Wallpapers for your computer background of cats and dogs.

There are so many animals out there in the world that need your help and love if you are able to adopt you will change an animals life for the better, if you are not able to adopt but want to help you can donate your time and labor, or money to help support some of these animals until they can find a loving home of their own before its too late and they are put down.

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