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Health Benefits of Eating Spinach

Spinach is definitely one of the super foods, it is packed with nutrients that provide the body with much needed vitamins, minerals, iron and protein.

There are many health benefits to adding spinach to your diet.

Spinach Nutrition

Spinach gives your body energy by providing iron, calcium, and magnesium all of which help generate energy.

Eating spinach can help with asthma prevention, cancer prevention, diabetes management along with many other benefits


What are the health benefits of spinach?

For people who don’t like cooked spinach at all they can try eating it raw. Cooked spinach taste totally different than raw.

There are several ways to try eating raw spinach.

1. Eat one raw leaf and get the taste.
2. Add some raw spinach to your salad.
3. Put a few raw leaves on your sandwich with or without lettuce.
4. Make a nice green smoothie and add raw spinach, if your having trouble downing a green smoothie add some sweet fresh fruits such as strawberries or apples.

By eating raw vegetables you are reaping more health benefits than by cooking the nutrients out of the foods.

Try going raw for just one week and see the difference in your overall being health wise at the end of the week. You will feel more energetic and healthier.

One cup of spinach has only 41 calories so anyone wanting to loose some unwanted pounds can eat all the spinach they want and help their selves to a slimmer body.

Grilled Salmon with Tomatoes, Spinach, and Capers

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