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Your health benefits from breathing exercises

yoga class breathing
yoga class breathing
Photo by Tim P. Whitby

The first natural function we do when born is breathe. As simple as it sounds, there are many benefits In just breathing. The cornerstone of health is having a healthy bloodstream. Controlling switch of the bloodstream is breathing. Breathing is essential to our lypmphatic system is a major part of our immune system. Controlling the flow of lymph fluid- which contains the white blood cells which protects the body from diseases. The Body cell depends on the lymph system as the only way to drain off the large toxic materials and excess fluid, which restricts the amount of oxygen. Your blood has a pump your heart, the lymph system doesn't have one. The only way lymph moves is through deep breathing and muscular movements. If lymph system shut down for 24 hours, we would die as a result of trapped blood proteins and excess fluid. Our best way to strengthen our immune system is through breathing techniques.Doing breathing exercises can eliminate toxins by 20x

Exercisse like this daily will help:

Start the breath deep within the abdominal area

Inhale for the count of 1

Hold the breath for the count of 4

Exhale through pursed lips slowly for the count of 2.

Conclude each ratio with one inhalation through the nose and one exhalation through the mouth.

Continue the ratio 9 more times for a total of 10 rounds three times a day.

Gradually increase the ratio as the days and weeks pass going to 2:8:4 then 3:12:6 and on till you can comfortably get to 7:28:14. This may take a few weeks to a few months

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