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Health and Stress

When we talk to about health most of us never consider stress. If you have ever been sick frequently, feeling exhausted all the time, pain daily, and noticed your healthy activities going wayside, you could be stressed. To find the answer to that question to determine if you are really feeling the mentioned above, or could it be stress. Is anything bothering you, are stressed out financially, do daily activities drain you, are you anxious, or do you feel like you cannot catch up? If you answered yes to any of these above, most likely you are stressed.

Things you can do to better help yourself is take 5 minutes a day and focus on your breathing with your eyes closed. If you can do more that would be great. Breath in and out, focus on your breath only. Do not focus on anything else. I know it is easier to say it, than actually do it. However, consider it a vacation from stress. Sometimes, a person only has that 5 minutes. Another method you can include is walking. Go for a walk as long as you can stand. The next day walk longer. Keep adding time to your walks. If you have dogs, or children take them to. Also, it is summer now and if you live near a beach go sea glass picking. It is the best stress reliever.

I will share my story and how it helped me. Many years ago I had a bad accident leaving me with spine damage that gets worse every year. I remember over 20 years ago being told that if I do not stay active that I will get weaker and weaker. That was the best advise. I never give into the pain, luckily I have so far avoided surgery, and I can still walk. Yes, there are days that are harder than others, but I keep moving and my mental state clear.

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Cheryl A Nocera