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Health and fitness, who's teaching your family?

Give the gift of health by leading the way.
Give the gift of health by leading the way.

In addition to genetic predisposition, parents have a great deal of influence on exercise and nutrition habits developed by children.

Kids are not learning about health and fitness on TV, or at school. They are not getting the info on Facebook, at the mall, or from their friends. Even if a parent is making some effort to “teach” their kids about healthy eating and/or exercise, the fact is, kids are getting most of their information about health and fitness from your actions.

At the point where children are no longer restricted to an infant’s diet, they are now learning their eating habits from their parents. Food choices and meal scheduling are learned behaviors and our children copy them directly from us. This is not to say that every single choice is exactly the same, but the overall patterns remain consistent. In addition, parent’s attitudes about the importance of exercise and healthy nutrition will generally be reflected by their children.

If it’s not important to you as displayed by your consistent day to day habits, then it won’t be important to your children.

The actions we take, or don’t take, can have a direct and powerful influence on our children, our siblings, co-workers, spouses etc. What kind of example are you setting?  To learn more about how to help those around you achieve and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle visit our website