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Healing with the Archangels class coming to Lexington

Healing with the Archangels class coming to Lexington
Healing with the Archangels class coming to Lexington
courtesy of Angel Academy

Angel Academy will be doing a "Healing with the Archangels: Healing Modality Level 1" workshop on Friday, July 11 from 10:00 am. The workshop will be held at the Ghost Hunters Shop at 835 Porter Place in Lexington, KY. The cost for the workshop is $100.00

This class is likened to Reiki level one by using the healing energy of Archangels. Angels are non-denominational and allow the practioner to tap into the healing energy of the Archangels. In this class students will learn how to communicate with the archangels and find their specific way that they can communicate with them.

Also, students will learn who the major archangels are and what their purpose is, how to ask them to work with us, how to request protection for you and your client from Archangel Michael during the session and request healing from Archangel Raphael and, how to protect yourself while healing and cut cords after the session. Distant healing will be covered as well as intention and manifesting.

They will provide a manual that teaches one how to prepare for a session, steps to take during a session, and how to clean the area after and do a one Angel card reading after as well as discussing ethics and legalities, and energy exchanges.

Students will receive the symbols and attunement to Archangel Michael and Raphael’s energy. This certificate of attunement allows you to work on others as well.

More information may be found at the Angel Academy website. Participants will receive your attunement, manual, and certificate at this workshop. Cost is $100.00 you must RSVP to reserve your seat here.