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Healing with the angels

The balance of the feminine and the masculine energies

There has been a lot written about the Divine Feminine and somewhat less about the Divine Masculine; although it is the balance, integrity, and reciprocity of these energies within us which is key. They act holistically within us . . . always interplaying, merging and re-emerging as inter-related parts of the whole. It is essential that there be a balance of the two, the feminine and the masculine, for without one or the other, we do not function.

The masculine is the driving force of our being: the feminine is the creative and nurturing essence of us. We need both to exist. Our spiritual journey is to bring both into sacred balance and to allow them both to flower into their highest energetic expression.

What I have been shown by my Angel teachers is that each Dimension features a specific Feminine/Masculine energetic ‘set/up’ based on the vibration of that dimension. For example, the Third Dimension developed, as its ‘set/up’ an oppositional energetic so it would be extremely difficult for someone with a mentality, for example, of extreme neediness, either male or female, to move to another higher dimension until they resolved that neediness within themselves. ( In other words, this is one relationship pattern supported by the vibration.)

The Fifth Dimension, on the other hand, supports an energetic of parity/evenhandedness where the male/female energies are interdependent, i.e. working together for the common good. Thus, those entering the Fifth Dimension are those who have resolved issues of dominance and dependence and are focused on collaboration and cooperation, working together for their common good.

For me, personally, I have been emerging into these new energetic places of collaboration for what now seems to me to be a long long time. Changes originally started to occur for me in 2008 and 2009, and then, I thought, erroneously, that I would ascend with the Earth in 2012! Well. that did not happen!!

The thing is, apparently, there was much more for me personally to do, because I have continued to do my spiritual work stripping away layers of what I now know is all of what I accumulated over the years as a mask . . . as protection . . . from the world at large; because it simply became too painful to experience first hand . . . or so I thought. And, what my Angels, Teachers and Guides have slowly, painstakingly, shown me, is that I really don’t need any of it. It was all just affectation and not the reality of who I really am.

I feel very exposed and somewhat fearful, truth be told, without all of my energetic protection around me; as if my very soul has been bared for all to see. I realize, of course, that this is an illusion; that I am now experiencing life without all of the carefully

constructed filters which kept me insulated not only from pain and heartache but also unintentionally, from joy and happiness.

Now, I am shown there is a new and breathtakingly beautiful energetic me on the horizon, so much so, it seems almost a phantom after the pain of leaving so much of what I thought was me behind. I am digging deep into reservoirs of trust; sometimes forgetting all of the many scenarios which were laid before me in the beginning of this journey . . . before the really tough emotional work began. More than ever before, I am being called to remember; to keep the faith.

One day, recently, I was at a low point. I was facing dental work which I could ill afford financially and which was draining me emotionally. I had been meditating but had fallen into a half sleep having exhausted myself: I remember saying: “I don’t care about this ascension business, about increasing my vibration; about releasing the old energies. I just want someone to love me and tell me everything is going to be ok.”

And, at that moment, I felt each of my hands being encased by a powerful and strong, undeniably male hand. When I tried to pull away, I was gently but firmly grasped anew. When I ‘woke up,’ I knew that my Angel Guides had answered my

prayer. . . that they were letting me know that I was not alone; that they were there supporting me just as they always were. (Once I calmed down, I knew it was the Archangel Metatron and the Archangel Michael holding my hands.)

Two days later, I had the dental work completed; and it went smoothly. (The broad metaphysical meaning of dental issues is the laying of new foundations so, once again, there are no mistakes.)

The calendar has now turned to June and, once again, the energies have shifted. I believe we are all on the cusp of a new energetic meant to bring us to a new point of Love and Unity if we are prepared for it. This energy features a balance of the

Divine Feminine and Masculine energies as they work in tandem to manifest positive outcomes. Among these will be a new spirituality based on individual perception rather than on the perceptions of a few distilled down for the masses.

Stay tuned for more on this . . . my Angels, Teachers and Guides have quite a lot to say on this subject as it emanates from the Council of Light.

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