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Healing thoughts to set you free

There has to be a thought that initiates a series of thoughts that promotes and continues healing. Perhaps it is a thought that has been there all along only waiting to emerge up to the surface. You will see that it is because of this that all healing takes place. It is a cascade of thought that brings about the healing. There has to be a physical relaxation all across the board. The relaxation would have to be specific to the affected area and also radiate out to all areas that are affected tangentially. Now, supposing that this healing thought is already present. The means of evoking it or producing this healing takes place in the midst of this process of writing.

healing thoughts

The Shekinah is with us always, and as HaShem's presence on this earth projects perfect good health. It is the disturbances of the mind that cause us to project ill health on to our bodies. Releasing disturbing thoughts allows us to relax and release the illness that is caused by our own "stinkin thinkin"

Relaxation restores the body to it's natural balance. This positive thought of release would produce the relaxing effects necessary for healing.

The work of this focus is the release of all restricting thought which is the cause of the distress. In this way the affected area transforms itself from distress into healing. Through spiritual equilibrium the body is then able return to it's natural state of good health.

It is to this complete change of state that MY THOUGHT(S) ARE TO BE DIVERTED. One thing cannot become another unless that one thing is totally incorporated within the consciousness. Now this healing of thoughts must be more powerful that its resident background. it has to overcome overwhelm and surround the affected areas and thereby replace the status quo with that most powerful thought of healing. it has to do this in a way that is both natural and non invasive. It has to as well induce a stasis in the distressed area that allows for the deep healing to take place. Now it is true that this healing evolves out of both the problem and its solution as well. The fact that we consider them both simultaneously leads to the integration that dispels the distress and establishes the state of well being.

In this your healing takes place by degrees each deeper than the other all the while accomplishing the purpose of its maker. All healing derives from the first principle the first cause. Perfection is the mirror of the first cause. This is a principle whose applications are infinite. in the current situation it becomes a matter then of applying this first principle. What this principle states is that you and your thoughts are one. Yes this is the SHMA the resident unity that is the God of your consciousness, the Lord of your being and sum total of everything that you were, are or ever will be.

Using this principle you actively replace thoughts of distress, pain, illness with thoughts of healing. You keep this up until it loops around by itself. You maintain this state of wellness by listening taking care of your body sensibly and reflecting upon the light in your mind that is its infinite healing its infinite perspective.

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