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Healing the wounded feminine

Sexual violence and gender based violence is endemic in the United States. One out of every five American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. Globally and nationally women are targets of intimate partner violence, incest, and rape.

Expressing spiritual devotion through ritual
Sheri Heller

The impact of female-centric aggression on women’s health runs the gamut from physical injury, to complex post traumatic stress disorder, addictive disorders, eating disorders, and suicide. Women are continuously challenged to transcend the wreckage of victimization and dehumanization.

Turning towards the wisdom of feminine inspired archetypes and Goddesses is a viable means of healing these wounds. One such Goddess is Kali. Embodying the fierce and loving mother, creation, destruction, birth and death, the Hindu Goddess Kali offers women the power to shatter illusions and to stand in one’s truth.

Kali teaches that we must accept the dark dimensions of existence in order to actualize our full potential as human beings. Freeing ourselves from self-conceit and illusions of safety allows us to accept that suffering, death, and destruction are a part of life’s design.

Hence, Kali embodies our greatest nightmares because she stands for and personifies everything that we are terrified of. Yet within this terror lies clarity and truth. Kali shows us that If we embrace what we fear we disempower and transcend it. Once faced, Kali dissipates fear and becomes the ultimate loving and protecting mother, granting realization of truth and liberation.

Through ritual, prayer, or meditation aligning with Kali’s wisdom and strength can amass the courage to embrace reality in all its dimensions. Relating to Kali encourages women to reclaim the instinctual aggression necessary to ferociously defy that which impedes fulfillment and growth.

As Kali Ma- the Divine Mother, she reminds women of our inherent beauty and iconic worth as creators and nurturers. Lastly, through Kali's love and protection women are guided towards the Divine Feminine where we are reminded of Her transcendent vision of what is right and noble.

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