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Healing starts in the heart

I sincerely believe that the body's healing starts in the heart and mind. Why do I believe that? It's simple really. But before I expand on my reasoning, let me go back to the theories of evolution.

Evolutionists believe, as you well know, that life began as a single cell out of nowhere. The cell just existed, not containing any personality, or character, or a spirit. Without these traits the cell does not have the ability to think, or will itself to do any task. When the cell was " sick", evolutionists have yet to explain how and why the viruses and bacterias came into being; or where the antibodies came from to fight the viruses, or the bacterias, to cause that single cell to become healthy again. Without a soul or spirit, a cell could not feel or become aware of its health or surroundings.

God, through His creation, has given that cell the ability. Through His creation, man can feel, be aware, and know of his condition because he has a soul and spirit. It is with the possession of the soul and spirit that man can will himself, have the desire to be sick or healthy. Some diseases stem from the heart because of worry, or a mental condition. Most diseases are a by-product of viruses and bacterias. The body can fight off these diseases by producing antibodies, either naturally or with the help of drugs. The chances of the body recovering fully is greatly increased by the desire of the heart to become healthy.

The old cliche that it is all in your mind (or your head) can be true sometimes. But for a body to start the healing process after an illness or surgery, it must want to heal itself. The person must want to desire from his or her heart that they want to live, usually because they desire to see an event happen, or they are not ready to surrender to death. Doctors know that the heart is a key ingredient in the healing process. By "heart" we are talking about the human spirit. The human spirit desires to live on this earth forever, but after so long the will of the spirit starts to decline.

God has our days numbered, unless we can convince God to give us more days. Benjamin Franklin at one time was quoted that "we are never finished being born until we die". From a spiritual perspective that could be true. When we die we will step into the spiritual realm of Heaven or hell. At that point, we have reached our maximum "birth" size and life. Those who are fortunate to get to Heaven will live forever; those who enter into hell are destined to die a second death at the end of this present age.

The healing process begins in the heart, either for physical healing, or a spiritual healing. The heart is the center of our life, the point where our desires begin, the point we where want to live, and the point where we want to die. The healing process starts in the heart until the body is fully healed. I have noticed that my body will heal faster if I desire in my heart to be healed, to become productive in society again. So when you are feeling like that your world is ending because your body is not healing, why not check to see if your heart has the desire to go on. If not, you can change that, by willing your to heart to desire to be healed. The only thing that would trump your heart's desire is God's will in your life.

Before I close out this article, I would be remiss in asking the condition of your spiritual heart. Are you in the position that you will be spiritually healthy for the rest of your eternity? If not, then you are being held back by sin; not your everyday sin, because we all sin everyday, but by sin in general. Give your heart to God, by asking Him into your life. Ask him to forgive you of your sins, to cleanse you, and to give you a new clean heart. Watch the improvement in your outlook on life, and watch how your heart's desires change. Yes, I believe that your healing starts with your heart.

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