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Healing hearts on Mother's Day

Many believe the celebration of Mother's day began with Anna Jarvis in honor of her deceased mother. This is the cheerful celebration of Mother's Day, albeit commercial, as we know it in the United States. There are scores of celebrations for Mother's Day and as many variations, some tragic some solemn, each with some significance around the globe. These vary with tradition, religion or even age of origination. It should not be assumed that everyone around us is in a celebratory mood on Mother's Day. For some, Mother's Day could be, or perhaps should be, an annual day of healing. Our growing global community and diversity should allow us to be sensitive to our neighbors in the midst of our celebration.

A Mother's smile can bring joy to one's heart inspiring love and honor, no matter how far away and this was the meaning Ann Jarvis intended for us when she introduced the nation to Mother's Day.  One Love, One Mother.
Krista Conner Osbey

Cybele was a Greek Anatolian Earth Goddess who is usually associated with mountains, hawks and lions. Cybele was a powerful figure who lauded over other gods.

Hilaria, borrowed from the Greeks by the Romans, who name is associated with the Latin root for "hilarious" was the Roman's festival honoring Cybele, mother of the gods, at the vernal equinox.

Mothering Sunday - is a Christian holiday celebrated throughout Europe that falls on the 4th Sunday in Lent.

Mother's Day or Mothers' Day was originated by Anna Jarvis, who lobbied for the celebration of Mother's Day to honor mothers. She succeeded in 1914 but was disappointed this became a plural commercialized holiday by the 1920's. She specifically noted that "Mother's" should "be a singular possessive, for each family to honor their mother, not a plural possessive commemorating all mothers in the world.

Mistafa Amin, an Egyptian journalist introduced Mother's Day to Arab countries in his book Smiling America (1943). It is celebrated on March 21.

Bolivia celebrates El Dia de la Madre Boliviana on May 27. "The date commemorates the Battle of La Coronilla, which took place on 27 May 1812, during the Bolivian War of Independence, in what is now the city of Cochamba. In this battle, women fighting for the country's independence were slaughtered by the Spanish army. It is not a festive day, but all schools hold activities and festivities throughout the day.

Mother's Day in China - In 1997 Mother's Day was set as the day to help poor mothers and to remind people of the poor mothers in rural areas such as China's western region.

France, having a low birth rate between 1896 and 1904 decided to celebrate mother's of large families. In 1906 ten mothers who had nine children each were given an award recognising "High Maternal Merit" ("Haut mérite maternel").

Germany, also experiencing low birth rates adopted the American inspired Mother's Day in 1923 to encourage mothers to bear more children.

India - Mother's Day is also celebrated on the second Sunday of May. "In India, mothers are considered as god to their children.[45] Indians do not celebrate the occasion as a religious one, but do their best to thank their mothers for care and love."

In Iran, the universal Mother's Day has been replaced by Fatima Zahar's birthday. Fatima Zahra (the Prophet Mohammad's daughter) dedicated herself to both her husband and Islamic cause. Other role models for women often cited by the officials and ideologues of the IRI are Khadijah, the prophet Mohammad's wife, and Zaynab, daughter of the first Shi'i Imam Ali. (Wikipedia)

Mother's Day shares the date with "Sakyamuni Buddha birthday celebration" "The legislature approved a proposal in 1999 to designate the birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha – which falls on the eighth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar – a national holiday and to celebrate the special occasion concurrently with International Mother's Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May."

In the intensive campaign to commercialize Mother's Day, the personalization or internalization of this day is often forgotten, in the scramble for the almighty dollar or for those who cannot find significant happiness on this day, for countless reasons. Tragedies, deaths, unresolved differences (such as, those like Bob Marley, who agonized for a lifetime over never being accepted by a parent for being a half sibling) incarcerations, mother's separated from their children or whose children were kidnapped, disownments, perhaps one unforgiven word or sentence we now regret may leave many of us writhing on commercial holidays such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Years Day counting the hours until they pass.

Instead of agonizing through the day from dread which may have begun a week earlier, as you anticipate the impending doom of a painful, unhappy Mother's Day. Perhaps, instead, this time could better serve you, as a time of self -gratitude, of self healing, of self-reflection with a ritual of a simple candle burning and a simple thank you, for YOU.

It does not matter if you were abused, if your mother never wanted you or any of the myriad of reasons to think of to suffer through today. Do not allow it in your life. Celebrate your ALIVENESS and take a moment, no matter how brief, even if it eludes you immediately, to feel appreciation. After all, we all arrived here, able to experience the breath of life, no matter how glorious or how troubling the experience, through one vehicle....Mother. All sixty trillion of your cells will thank you for these three words, Thank you, Mother.


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