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Healing Harvest and Heath Health Foods Offer Fresh, Wholesome, and Local Foods

Take a peek inside this colorful vegetable box!
Take a peek inside this colorful vegetable box!
Photo courtesy of: Healing Harvest

In recent years, the world of food has been spotlighted. United States citizens are voicing concerns about how and where the food they eat is made. The movement is no longer only in the hands of the activists - more than ever, average individuals and families are beginning to pay close attention to the food they consume. The demand for safe and healthy alternatives has risen, and continues to rise. The change is obvious is large cities, where health food stores and health-conscious restaurants abound on every corner. But in rural areas like Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois, the changes have been minimal.

For those of you who have heeded the call to purchase organics, scoured the grocery stores for cage-free and grass-fed animal products, shop at the farmers' market, and are growing some of your own food in your backyard garden, you may have already heard the words "local" and "locavore".  But what do these words mean? And can someone from our area take part in the local movement? Heath Health Foods and Healing Harvests may just have the answer to your many questions.

How the Program Works:

  • Your membership begins at Heath Health Foods, where you must first sign up and pay your $35 membership fee. This membership fee allows a %10 - %20 percent discount on all items from Healing Harvests that can be purchased at Heath Health Foods.
  • You can also upgrade your membership and become a vegetable-share member. For just $380, you can look forward to 21 weeks of delicious, fresh, locally-grown and raised vegetables. These vegetable boxes will be available weekly at Heath Health foods for pickup.

Why You Should Participate:

  • The "locavore" movement is about buying foods that were grown in an area that is close to you. This community-enhancing concept supports local farmers, families, and businesses by strengthening the local economy. Purchasing foods from local farmers also cuts down tremendously on fuel that is required to transport food.
  • Vegetables are healthy, and that's a fact. What better way to feed your family than with fresh, safe, nutritious and seasonal vegetables? You'll get an amazing variety, with lovely veggies of all shapes and colors, like cauliflower, greens, beans, carrots, peppers, onions, potatoes and much more.
  • Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to save money by buying in bulk. You can save yourself a trip to the grocery store, because your vegetable box will be delivered right to the health food store - where you can pick up the other organic items you may need.
  • And, finally, you are much more likely to eat healthy meals when the food is beautiful, fragrant, ready and waiting to be eaten!

Here's what to do:

  1. Visit the Healing Harvests web site, where you can learn more:
  2. You can also visit Heath Health Foods online:
  3. Go to Heath Health Foods and talk to one of the many friendly employees about becoming a member of the Healing Harvests Program. Then sign up, pay, and enjoy!


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