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Healing even if the illness does not go away

In the book, Healing Words, Dr. Larry Dossey explores how prayer can be used as a valuable tool in the medical community.

What is the first thing people often do when they get a bad cold? Buy cold medicine, cough drops, and that horrible-tasting cough medicine. Some people also go to the doctor. Colds normally go away in 7-10 days so you normally do not need a doctor for them. What about a more serious illness such as Cancer, Diabetes, or HIV / AIDS? Most people believe you should definitely go to the doctor then. These three diseases are life-threatening and absolutely you should use all the medicine that is available to help. In some cases, disease can absolutely be cured. In other cases, people do die. However, in more and more cases, death does not happen automatically. Many people live very happy and productive lives with AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, and other conditions. It is not a foregone conclusion nowadays that someone is going to die.

Why do you all think that is? Well, many medical and non-medical people would say that it is because of the advancements in medicine in the US and throughout the world. That is probably true in many cases. However, there have been many cases in the past and as well as the present where people have been mysteriously cured of their illnesses and ailments. They never had medical intervention; or if they did, it did not work. How do we explain this? Dr Larry Dossey attempts to explain how the power of prayer and the practice of medicine can be intertwined in a positive way in his book, Healing Words. He talks about how prayer can be used as a healing tool by medical and non-medical people. He also gives actual cases where prayer was proven to have completely cured someone; or it helped a great deal either way.

I am a person of faith; and I know many other people who are too. Either way, you may find Dr Dossey's findings very controversial if not hard to believe. Whether or not you are a person of faith, I invite you to read this book. It will help you see another perspective on healing in the medical community. I am also supportive of positive things that make people feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. Sometimes, things that will make people feel better come from the most unlikely sources; or from what would be considered the strangest of places. Healing can happen even if the illness does not go away.

Give this book a try.....

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