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Healing Circle gathering at Camp Ligon Outdoor Center this Wednesday

Bright Blessings.

This Wednesday, gather together with the local Spiritual and Pagan community at Camp Ligon Outdoor Center from 6:00 pm til 10:00 pm to engage in a holistic healing event. Facilitated by "The Kind Witch" Facebook group, this is a rgreat event in which participants come together monthly to

"channel the Ancient Healing Spirit to provide ourselves and all who request it"

Located at 5213 E. Farrand Road, in Clio, Michigan, it is a less than hour and a half drive from Detroit proper. Not very far from Birch Run, you may have indeed passed this site in your shopping travels.

Healing work is very needed in all communities, and when a group comes along where the combined energy is all positive and selfless, the Universe often listens. The light that comes from such a group is powerful indeed, and is something that has been practiced throughout the ages.

Healing Circles are a tried and true method for concentrating and focusing the energy toward the goal of the work. In general practice, all gathered are bent on one purpose, to go through a conscious plan of directing energy into the world that will find those in need and assist them on a Spiritual level to get better and to remove blockages on their roads to recovery.

The organizers ask that participants bring a dish to pass. Also, if so inclined, you are welcome to bring drums, rattles, etc. You may also bring personal items if you wish for them to be charged.

We could all use a little healing. If there is a friend or loved one which could benefit from such work, please consider attending and working on their behalf. Spiritual Healing is an act of Kindness that is beneficial to both the recipient and the healer.

The Blessings of Love are abundant and there is always enough. The Kind Witch group understands this and thus they are a Light in this world. A quote which really gets to the heart of this can be found at, which states

"Blessed are the Kind

for in their hands humanity is nurtured

in their spirits wholeness grows strong

in their presence all things flourish

in a kind heart abundance grows"

For inspiring musingslook at Kindness, you may wish to visit

Want to start your own Healing Circle? Then please check out The Pagan's Path's helpful instructions on how to go about it. You may find that it is easier than you think, and will certainly be rewarding.

Blessed Be.

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