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Healing Basics

We are all natural healers, but the ability to heal others must be developed just as a writer must write every day to develop his tempo or an artist must play with colors to create something stunning.

Practice every day if you can, on anyone, a place, a situation, yourself. Remember, you put the energy out there and allow it to be received or not by whomever needs it. You will find joy in knowing you have done what you can to make the world better just with your intent.

Ground yourself. It is hard to help others if you fall into their energy, their drama, their sorrow. Make sure you are in a safe and comfortable place yourself so you may do the work. You will receive healing each time you do it for someone else, so sit back and enjoy the rewards of service.

Surrender to the Universe. You are merely a vessel of this healing energy. Remember to step back and allow the process to take place. You are not responsible for someone’s healing process just as you are not responsible for their problems. Simply be compassionate and let the energy flow.

Be the change. If you want to see healing and growth in others, do what you can in your own life to set an example. Be open to healing yourself so that others will open their heart to it when they see the great affects it can have on your life.

Project health in your intent. It can be helpful to know what the issue is you are working on and having a specific intent for the healing session. This will help the other person open their mind to the possibility that this issue can and will be healed. As much as energy can change your life, your thought pattern can, too.

Take care of yourself. It’s vital that you drink plenty of water when you are healed or do healing on others. Ask them to also. It will release the old energy and make way for the new. Everything works on all levels at all times. Be sure to pay attention to all if possible: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Enjoy yourself! Why do anything if it’s not fun? This is what brings love in and makes it a better world. If you’re taking it too seriously, you’re trying to control it. You will find this will not be as effective. Loosen up and enjoy it. This moment is your life, make it joyful!