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Healing and Relief from pain with Power Strips

Pain Relief is just a moment away with the cutting edge, all natural ingredients in Power Strips.
Pain Relief is just a moment away with the cutting edge, all natural ingredients in Power Strips.
Painful Hands Get Relief - Dr. Erica Goodstone

Healing Happens in many ways. Some of us immediately go running to a medical doctor to get a "proper" diagnosis and receive a prescription for a drug that will quickly suppress the symptoms. Some of us immediately turn to an alternative healing practitioner who touches or manipulates our body in some way. While others seek a non-traditional practitioners who will provide herbs, dietary changes, homeopathic remedies or some other form of natural healing. Some of us attempt to heal our problem in our own way, perhaps using a heating pad or taking an over the counter drug.

FGXpress, a green company, claims to provide their customers with the "BEST raw materials on the planet!" Their recent product is sweeping the U.S., Canada and parts of the world that most other wellness type companies could not consider reaching. They claim, as many of us truly believe, "the body performs miracles by the minute when given the proper raw materials."

So what are these raw materials, how are they being used and what healing results are they providing? FGXpress has created a new product called POWER STRIPS. This healing strip contains totally natural ingredients, is quick and simple to use and has been touted as one the easiest ways to alleviate pain, particularly muscular soreness.

PowerStrips™ are approved by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device that can be used for pain relief. And testimonials are pouring forth about how quickly this is helping people, some with long time physical problems. The ingredients are totally natural including substances with a long history of healing properties. The outer layer contains elemental Germanium while the inner or adhesive layer contains a unique blend of fermented Korean Red ginseng, Silver & (Alpha-c CMPTM) Marine Phytoplankton. This proprietary combination of ingredients can literally reduce swelling, provide heat and warmth, increase blood flow to an injured area and continue to alleviate symptoms long after the power strip is removed.

Find out how Healing Happens in YOUR life.